Saturday, March 17, 2018

Just Checking In ...

Hey You Guyysss!!! *waving… *

I know, I know, its been a HOT Minute since I’ve posted… (Hot Minute, does anyone say that anymore?)

At any rate, before you get excited, I’m not officially back.

I just really took some neat pictures on my trip this past week that I wanted to share.

I know that I had some GREAT momentum going on my blog pictures. I look back at my work and think two things,

One:  I was putting out GREAT content!
Two: Dang, I was snatched!

When I graduated from grad school, my life changed significantly. And surprisingly pulling over on the side of the road with a huge SLR camera and a tripod was stressful.

Before I lost my South Texan photographer friend all I had to worry about was posing and looking pretty.
Chillleee I got spoiled with that lifestyle.

The first time I settled into the city, which I now live and tried taking my own photos again, I balked at how the pictures came out! This was in humidity at that!

So needless to say, the THOUGHT of taking pictures to mayyybeee get a few shots was unappealing at best.

Throw in trying to get licensed for my day job, (which is like a lonnng paid internship), and I quit.

I was only supposed to stay gone for a year.

Now, its indefinitely.

I need coins to pay a photographer so I can just look the part without orchestrating everything.

I‘m getting there.

The pictures you see woven into this post are experimental. I wanted to see if I could still do photos of myself. I enjoy how they come out, but it reminded me of what frustrated me about taking my own pictures in the first place.

So for now, I’m just checking in…But I’m not back.

 Lip: Wet’N Wild Cherry Picking, Dress: Ross Dress for Less, Bag: La ‘Festin via amazon, Sandals: Nine West via Amazon

Visuals By: Yours Truly ...