Thursday, August 7, 2014

Green Leopard!

As a Blogger, I know how much of a detriment it can be to release a look earlier than it's scheduled on your blog!
 But, I fell so in love with these pictures that I let the cat out of the bag early despite this knowledge.
 I can only hope that I don’t seem redundant after featuring this look on both my Instagram: @my_aura_style and Facebook Page.

If I am, that’s fine. 

I was REALLY excited about this look!!

I recall the first time I saw this green leopard skirt is on Facebook when one of my favorite bloggers posted a dressing room cellphie featuring it and the matching top. 
{Later on I saw FB features of other curvy style connoisseurs rocking looks with this skirt and I was so INSPIRED!}  

Seeing it at my local store on a random trip to the mall was like meeting a celebrity in person. Also as luck would have it, it was on sale! 
You could call it as good as SNATCHED!

With Ivory & White Accessories and a POP of yellow, this made a PERFECT look for work!

Earrings: Forever21/Blouse: Old Navy/Skirt: J.C. Penny Worthington Brand/Bag: Ross/ Yellow Pumps: Payless Comfort Plus Bran