Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Art imitates life through fashion.  Therefore through this medium, I can become a walking-talking canvas.
Through my execution of style, I am also a walking testimony.

Fashion challenges me to push past fallacies in my thinking to Achieve, Build, Become, and I am HERE FOR IT!

Take this jumper for instance:

My first thought was, “I won’t be able to fit this.”
It was from the straight-sized section and it was a size 14.
I haven’t been that size in years.

My second thought was, “Look at those sleeves, they’ll be ugly.
Third thought, ”You won’t have anywhere to wear this.”
Fourth thought, “Look at the color! How can I even style a blush-colored jumper?”
And lets not talk about the fact that lighter colors show ALLLLL of your business! Every. Single. Last. Flaw. … So unflattering and unforgiving.  I decided long ago to shy away from flesh-toned garments.

HOW Ever… It was a jumper! And jumpsuits are the cousin of dresses, which I love!
I had taken so much time to inspect the garment, think about if/how/where I’d wear it and the color.  I was obviously intrigued.

 I decided I would try it on for kicks and giggles.

If my initial thoughts were true, I had nothing to lose … I could just return it to the discard rack like nothing happened. But if it worked out for me, I had a new and interesting piece to add to my wardrobe. 

I. Loved. It!
{As a matter of fact I rave about it on my Instagram Here}

If we are not careful we can allow negative thoughts, (or fallacies in our thinking), to change our perspective. Our perspective is the lens that we view the world and our worldview is connected to our identity.

As with my style journey, looking at things from different perspectives is helping me to maximize on possibilities that lead to OPPORTUNITIES!
Because I took a risk, I challenged myself to create something new.
I rewarded myself with an opportunity to look and feel good.
My willingness to take a chance deposited a  nugget of confidence that encouraged me to challenge the way I look at other situations.

It’s not always easy to change one’s mindset. There are some deep-seeded issues that have a profound impact on us. I have learned through fervent (intentional) prayer … I mean really being transparent with God, He can help you work through those deep hurts so you can begin to walk in healing as well as a renewed mind.

I also begin monitoring my input so that it won’t affect my output.
These days I am placing more value on things that rejuvenate my spirit. For me it’s

I.               Listening to Inspirational Music
II.             Spending Time with Family & Friends
III.           My Sunday School Class
IV.            Blogging/Writing
V.              & of Course talking to God

{BTW, In the near future I will strive to make fitness one of these bullet points as well}

These are all things that change my perspective. These are all things that are helping to shape my identity.

Earrings: DSW/ Jumper: New Look (Dubai)/Clutch: Aldo/Shoes: Alfani via Macy’s