Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Days One & Two...


So, the ONLY thing on my list that I accomplished is rekindling with myfitnesspal.com.


The first day was hard.

Especially at night.


I went over by roughly 30 calories.

The late night snacking did me in.

But in my defense, it was a sugar-free ice cream treat.


What I did get accomplished is establishing with a primary doctor and scheduling a well-woman's exam.

I also did a do-over for breakfast from the day before...Instead of ordering a calorie-ridden, (but oh so tasty), 3-pancake breakfast, I ordered a healthier choice.

This was HUGE because dining out is one of my pitfalls...UGH!



Today was much better as far as caloric intake. I planned better and I must say that I am proud that I still have 807 calories left for dinner.

What I'm going to have to do now is exercise my three days that I promised myself.

My weapon of choice is Rush Fit.

I really liked the first work-out that was challenging, but did not go in for the kill like Insanity.

I would rate Rush Fit at the same intensity as Insanity without to constant go-go-go.

Rush Fit works on more lean muscle mass...annnnnnnnnnnnd the workouts include muscle toning with weights so you don't have to separate the cardio and weight training into two sessions!

Now, if only I can stop my nightly scrabble sessions on pogo.com a little earlier so I can get up in the morning.
Giraffe Print Dress: Ross
Red Peacoat: Target
Brown Riding Boots: The Avenue
Red Bag: Carlos Santana via Macy's

Random Guy: I ALWAYS see you doing this! What ARE you doing?

Me: I'm a Blogger. If you were one, you'd understand.


Even if you aren't fast, join the race any way. ...If not, you'll go through life thinking that EVERYONE'S faster than you are.


  1. I love that peacoat and those boots! Very nice outfit.

    I started My Fitness Pal over the summer and gave up in September. I just kept forgetting to record my meals so I ditched the app. I hope you are able to keep up with it. It really is nice (if you don't forget to record your meals, like I did).

    What shade of nail polish are you wearing? Burgundy is my favorite color.

    1. I've found that fitness pal is an eye opener because it makes me accountable for the calories I've consumed. Sometimes I think wht I'm eting is not that bad until I plug it in...ugh.
      And then I like the prompt that tells you how much you will weigh if you stick with it.

  2. u look great!!! Keep it up girlie!

    1. Stress is a trigger to eating.
      With prayer and determination, I can do it!

  3. I like FitnessPal!! When I keep track, I move more and eat better. You got this! Just take it day by day.

    I'm really liking that dress & that coat! And the pics/poses are on point (per usual) =D

    1. I was doing weight watchers, but I could not access it on my phone which was so inconvenient! Life would change course and I couldn't track the foods I consumed as well. I like FP cause you can adjust things as needed.

  4. LOL @ you and the random guy convo!!!! Gurrrl... You crack me up!!!! And, that dress... You betta pose! Cause you be working them poses!!!! *Love it*


  5. LOL at the guy and the random comment!! Tell him he doesn't understand!!! Good luck on continuing on your healthy living journey I am working on mine too and getting back to my old size slowly.

  6. Your comment to the guy is hilarious! I'm trying get back on track with my fitness regimen as well. Good luck to you.