Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Week Report ...

I've decided to journal my week's progress...Taking it every couple of days is not feasible for me. So I will make an effort to share my experiences each week in addition to my regular posts.

I had some highs and lows this week.

The lows are I had Mexican food and two candy bars.

One bar was king sized.

In my defense, I tacked the king-sized bar into the next day's caloric count so that I could create a deficit to balance things out.

I do NOT plan on having any more slips for a while. I also cut my Mexican food dinner, (bought by a friend), in half and was honest on my fitness pal about this consumption.

While I'm confessing, I also only worked out one day this week....Saturday.

I figure since I am just starting back, I would chock my indiscretions up to that.

Change is not easy...Period.

My highs are that I worked out two days in a row, Saturday and Sunday.

I made a low fat soup and corn bread as well.  This will be my dinner for the week.

So far my scale says I am at a deficit from last Monday.

I am still in shock at how I've let myself go, but that's the end result when one stops eating sensibly for six months.


  1. Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. Just keep going no matter what. Any change is a change nonetheless. A lifestyle change is what you're going for, so it's good to hear that you're not getting down on yourself for having the occasional "slip-up".

    In January, I will be posting about a 3 month challenge that myself and some blogger buddies are doing. It's a FB group of women that I'm a part of called "Bloggers Like Me", and even though you don't have a FB page (at least I don't think) you can feel free to follow along and join in on the fun. There will be weekly challenges to help us make changes in our diet and exercise habits.

  3. That sounds like fun Ticka! No I don't have a FB page, but maybe there will be a link up...*hint, hint...*
    I like what you said a while ago that one can get down to their ideal weight and just coast from there to keep the weight off.
    I'm looking forward to a time when I can just coast.