Saturday, January 11, 2014

Embrace Your Fierceness...

Self-Doubt Breeds Fear
Fear Breeds Procrastination
Procrastination Breeds Complacency…

I read something online which struck a chord of envy in me.
I’m not going to go too much into detail because I don’t believe in throwing shade.
I will just say that reading what I read provoked me to do two things:

1.     Envy, which is really a defense mechanism that challenges one to self-explore.

2.     And Step-Up!

I am not rich. I am not going to go broke blogging.
But I DO enjoy shopping within my budget.
I DO enjoy sharing my life and my style with the world.
I BELIEVE I have a voice and I am relatable, especially to the under dogs.
Who are those, which I speak? I will tell you:

The women who can’t afford a Multitude of shoe and clothing subscriptions, but are still fashionable by their own merit.

The women who buy dime-store make-up and shop clearance or at Marshall’s, Ross, and T.J. Maxx to get “brands” instead of paying full price. …And even sometimes certain items in those stores seem over-priced.

The women who don’t look like models or whose photographs don’t look like they have a professional photographer on staff.

The women who don’t Photoshop their photos.

The women who can’t afford to go to fashion week every year.

The women who don’t get sponsored (yet).

The women who work a day job, go to school, and have a family.

The women who don’t get thousands of likes on Facebook or have fifty some odd comments on every post on their blog/sites.

The every day woman who finds the beauty in being ordinary, knows who she is and has NOTHING to prove.

The women who doesn’t fit a certain mold, but creates her own category with her uniqueness.

The women that is fierce enough to be in the “in crowd” but can relate to those who are overlooked and under appreciated…So they don’t believe in cliques.

The women that don’t get enough recognition for knowing her worth and not settling for less than that.

I’m talking to you!



Earrings: Vintage, Thrifted/Neckalace: {Naturally Varnished} Forever 21, Chambray Topper: Old Navy/Tamk: J.C. Penny Arizona Brand/Tribal Print Pants, Booties, & Clutch Forever 21


  1. Thank uplifting this is real I can feel you...

  2. Thanks for reading and your comment! It's appreciated!

  3. Absolutely loving this post! You are not just fierce, you are awesome honey!

  4. And so are You All! Thanks so much

  5. Two snaps and a twirl!!!!! U know I LIVE for me some Tammy!

  6. I love this post! The quote in the beginning is so thought provoking and true! Definitely made me "check" myself. Btw you are working those leggings girl! And I love the pops of color with the bag and shoes!


  7. Tammie!!! I need you in my life!!! lol you are just so uplifting and make me smile every time I read your blogs! You have a gift!! Move back! Us DFW girls need your light! XOXO

  8. *drop the mic and walk off the stage* You did that!! Wonderful post!!