Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sooner Rather Than Later...

My thoughts on Remixing

This is my second time in the span of about two weeks wearing this jacket.
This post was supposed to be scheduled for later. But due to a blogging glitche, it went live before I intended. Oh well!
The fist time I wore this piece I said I’d restyle it. I didn’t know it would happen sooner rather than later.

Styling pieces has become a mental thing for me.
If I am really feeling a garment I can think of several different ways I'd wear it at first sight!
It feels nice when I execute this vision and I turns out just the way I thought it would.
It’s validating when those around me marvel at my style.
It makes me feel the same way an artist does after they created a painting,
…A singer after an album,

…A writer after a book,

…A chef after a delectable meal.

My validation does not lie in people’s responses, but it helps when they get the vision.

/Side Note:/This dress was sooooo comfortable! I realized it as I was editing these pics! 
Comfortable + Versatile + Chic= Win/Win/Win!!!!

Earrings: Forever 21/Necklace: The Avenue/Statement Jacket: J Jeans via J.C. Penny/Tank Dress: Forever 21+/Boots: T.J. Maxx/Clutch: Thrifted  


  1. Gorgeous look and these photos look like something out of a magazine!! I hope to be back soon been feeling so BLAH lately!!

    1. Thanks V! I will tell you it has helped me to plan ahead for posts! Hope you get the rest you need dear!

  2. Looking FAB Tammie!! "My validation does not lie in people’s responses, but it helps when they get the vision" Best quote ever!!

  3. It's my Truth! Thanks for believing I me Ticka!