Thursday, May 1, 2014

Celebrate Yourself!

I will make up any reason to give myself a mini makeover.
I recently had a job interview and got my hair cut and my nails done.
I’ll get all dolled up when I’m invited out or to a special event.
Sometimes I’ll take weekend errands as an opportunity to dress up.

This time when my co-workers decided to throw me a little going away soiree/meet-up, I dyed my hair.
I’d wanted to go lighter for the hotter months anyway and so I did.
It's going to take some getting used to. 

I tried to hurry and get dressed so I could make use of the sunlight.
No such luck.
So I decided to brave myself portraits with whatever light I was allotted and hope for the best.
{This is just another reason why I want another lens.
In due time.}

On another note, I learned why it’s not ok to use social media to be nosey.
You might find something that you don’t want to see.
What I saw made me question some things.
But the past is the past.
I try not to compare my life with others’ but live and let live.
I try not to pay too much attention to things I perceive as personal flaws [unless they are stunting my personal growth], but relish in my strengths and talents.

I try to celebrate myself every chance I get! If I don’t whom else will?

…And if something as small as changing my hair color and putting on a new outfit helps me feel special, then I’m going to do it!

Earrings: Local Boutique/Dress: Forever 21+/Clutch: Wet Seal/ Platform Sandals: Michael Klors via Ross


  1. You are WERKING like the rent is DUE yassssssssssss

  2. I literally Lol at this comment! Thanks for making me smile V!

  3. Tammie you did that!!! Girl ur FABULOUS head to toe!!!!

  4. Hunny you look amazing!!!! The pops of color compliment the outfit so well. The photos also came out great! This look definitely gave me some inspiration. And idk if I told you this already, but I love your new hair color!


  5. You look fabulous, chica! Love, love, love that hair color!