Tuesday, July 7, 2015

THICKkinni 2015 ...


First of all I would like to say THANK YOU to my followers HERE on INSTAGRAM and my FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! Your loyalty is overwhelming and humbling!

I have not posted in a minute and I am always overwhelmed at how many people have commented that they miss my posts or how many people like my fan page on FB every week. I love you all.


I’m reaching the end of my Master’s Program ... 

And I cannot tell you how this experience has blessed my soul. It created just the amount of encouragement and tension in my life to make me want to stop limiting myself and GO GET IT! The best is yet to come. And even though I am tired as all get-out, I know that sometimes you have to FIGHT for your purpose and to bring your aspirations into fruition.


As you all have seen on my Instagram Feed, I am OBSESSED with two-pieced swimsuits! 

I have a bathing suit wardrobe and I add at least one new bathing suit each year. {I’d still like to find a chic black suit and a lime green one}

Wanting to LIVE in swimwear has not always been a thing for me.
It was around the later part of my early twenties to my mid twenties when I bought my first bathing suit. I bought it from a well-known plus retailer and it was an ill-fitting tankinni. That was me dipping my toe into the water, so-to speak.

About a year later, the plus-sized blogger world begin to expand and I begin to see beautiful curvaceous women being unashamed and quite stylishly flaunting their curves in two-pieces. I wasn’t there yet, but I found a couple of one-pieces that I felt GREAT wearing and begin to strut MY proverbial stuff.

Fast forward to about two years ago, and I debuted my first two piece on a random beach day with friends. Not only did they compliment me, but as I sat on the beach that day, (and many times before), I witnessed women of all shapes and sizes flaunting their bathing-suited bodies without a care in the UNIVERSE! If they could do it, so could I!

Now, it’s a wrap! In fact, I am more-than-conscious that I have gained ten pounds. Yet I on a recent weekend get away for the Fourth of July Weekend, I  STILL wanted to wear my bathing  more than any of the other outfits I packed.

….Hence the pictures


While on my recent trip, I was also DETERMINED to find me a barber to cut my hair. 

So I while I was in the Houston area, I went to visit Keon C. at the Line Ups Barber Shop located at 8710 Grand Mission in  Richmond, TX.  He was referred to me by my bestie and has been cutting her five-year-old’s hair since he was three.

The shop was nestled in an up-and-coming strip mall. The ambiance was cool enough for two women who had been traveling all day to sit comfortably and wait until my appointment, (I got there an hour early), and the barbers were skilled. Keon gave me a precision low cut that left me feeling fierce! Not only that, but his customer service was personable and attentive.  I knew we would hit it off before we even met in person when he had me to book my appointment on his Style Seat Link! After dealing with so many stylists who are non-forward thinking, it put me at ease to see how organized Keon was! Its not many times that I sit in ANYONE’S chair and let them have full control without putting my two-cents in. But I found myself saying, “I trust your judgment” and he didn’t let me down.  I finally got that low cut I’ve been coveting all summer, head dent and all!

Sunnies: Big Lots/ Two Piece: Forever 21+/Sandals: White Mountain Brand via DSW/ Lips: Milani Fruit Punch