Sunday, July 14, 2013

Turnt Up Saturday Night!

I have been quite the
social butterfly these past few weekends.

I kinda like it.
“Work Hard...Play Hard” are the words of wisdom bestowed upon us in the party anthem by Neyo.
He has a point. (Although that was not the song that inspired this was "Thrift Shop" when Maclamore sings in the chorous  ".... I've got $20 in my pocket ..." LOL!)
Since I finished Summer I, (got all A’s by the way…), I’ve been kicking it!
From having random nights at the local bars with my bestest homie…to shopping, with my bestest homie…to random spa days at a local nail salon, with my bestest homie to  a welcome to the city suare  and a goodbye meet-up …My Saturdays have been eventful.
It’s a nice change of pace from being in Tammieland…(I can be quite the introvert at times).

Well…I got pictures of the latter.

My friend Val is embarking on a new adventure to upward mobility that leads her away from the city.

I am happy for her and I know she will rock it out!

We all met up to bid her ado and get a little turnt up before she left.

When I go out I ALWAYS have a BLAST!
For me turnt up means I am spell bound by the music and dancing until I sweat!
My friends like to think of me as the life of the party and I kinda am.
I love to dance!

 Earlier That Day...

I went back to a lighter version of the color that I had at the crown & front of my hair, plus we got rid of the excess. ….My hair had grown entirely too long for my liking!

This is how it looked with the cut, color applied and set for styling. ...  BEFORE Roshanda worked her magic!

And this is AFTER!

I am so happy the way it came out! I feel like a new person and want to play with colors in my garments to play up my lighter tresses!

Tonight it was a hot pink top coupled with a bold pink lip.

My uniform for clubbin’ with the girls has been this look…comfy, casual, edgy, and dressy at the same time.

I expect to do variations of this look as my go-to for cocktails after work or hitting the night scene.
I’ll also throw a dress or two in the mix if I deem necessary…
But tanks and jeans are here to stay for me this summer.

Hologram Earrings: Shasta Boutique
Miami Tank: Express Men’s
Acid Washed Denim Jeggings: Forever 21+
Hologram Pumps: Forever 21+
Clutch; Charming Charlie’s (my fav outty clutch!)
Lipstick: Black Radiance
Hair by Roshanda


  1. Thanks Hunni... I had the Hardest Time coming up with a going out look that I was comfortable with. All I do is work and go to school. But I've found a look I can be comfortable and confident in so problem solved! My next endeavor is to style some shorts for going out!

  2. You look like you're tons of fun to be around when you go out! Love this look and love that new hair color! HOT!

  3. Thank you Crystal! I gets it in on the dance floor every time I go out without fail...That is if the music is good!

  4. Love the jeggings!! I might have to go on a search for those!!

    I gets busy on the dance floor as well!! I hate when ladies go out, just to hold up the wall. We would be all kinds of dance fever if we hung out! LOL!

  5. Ion know Ticka! I dance in such a way that would "make Super Head" Steve Harvey would say...But I gets it in...

  6. Love your hair!! Very cute outfit looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  7. I did I did! Thanks for stopping by J...