Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Five Ways to go Cheapy Chic...

I was proven wrong this weekend but in a good way.
One of the ways I spend my time off from work is stopping by a few of my favorite stores.
Since I started documenting my style choices, it had really helped me to recognize how quality can make the difference between one garment to the next.

(Case in point, This weekend I was in a store that I frequent and tried on some white denim. To my utter shock, I not only had to size up but the fit was soooo unflattering.
I went into another store that carried more higher end brands and not only was I able to size down, but the fit was AMAZING! We are talking the right length, right amount of stretch and they fit so well in the waist that wearing a belt is an option, not a necessity!)

I was reluctant to shop in “cheapy” stores because even though they are budget-friendly…the quality is lacking.

But after a shopping trip with some friends this weekend, I will not be so quick to dismiss stores that cater to the Fashionista on a Budget.
You just have to know what to look for, & with these tips you can navigate your way to Cheapy Chic without looking Cheesy…

1.     Go for Unique:

One thing I like about Cheapy Chic stores is they have the most unique items for such low prices. Like thrifting, shopping at discounted retailers is a good way to stand out without breaking the bank.

2.     Pay Attention to Quality:

Look at how the piece is constructed. TRY THINGS ON!  How is the fabric? The price point is low for a reason…the quality isn’t always there on some or most of the items. But there are a few gems that can pass with some imagination and extra care…We are Fashoinsitas! So breathing life into clothes is what we do every day!

3.     Handle with Care:

These items are not built to last so be careful how you use them. I read somewhere to use Woolite in the wash to preserve fabrics and wash them on a gentle cycle…I also group like-colored items together in the wash to insure longevity and air dry to prevent shrinkage. Some people even dry clean. As far as shoes and accessories…be careful as well! These items are not made for longevity, so only pull them out when going for certain looks, as too much wear can cause them to damage prematurely.

4.  Go TRENDY: 

Trends are just that! So why spend a bunch of money on something that’s gonna go out of style in a couple of years? Unless you absolutely love it, trendy items can be found at cheapy chic prices and look FABULOUS!

5.     Duplicate!

If it’s something you love, it’s unique and it fits well, DUPLICATE! Even with the best of care, sometimes cheapy chic clothes just don’t work out…If it’s in your budget, buy two! Also, duplicate items are good for DIY projects. I’m thinking about cutting the sleeves off a top I recently bought to give it more edge for an outty look…if I mess up, not only do I have another like it, but I’m out less than ten bucks!

Now A Haul Video….

This is me showcasing my favorite Cheapy Chic Finds!

And a list of my favorite Cheapy Chic Sores:
The Local (Ebony-Focused) Beauty Supply ( has the best sandals and accessories)

Where do you find items that are Cheapy Chic?


  1. Great post!! I shop any and everywhere!!!

  2. I had stopped shopping at lower end stores because I wanted to refine my style choices. Once I got a better handle on what to look for, I had more success with some lower end shops. I want to learn how to thrift.

  3. You are so right! You just gotta take your time in these kind of stores. My favorite pair of brown trousers came from Charlotte Russe 6 years ago and I still rock them to this day.