Thursday, November 3, 2011

Only Ten Frames for Ten Things!

Ten Things I Wore Today...COUNT!
I was all set to do my shoot today on my lunch break.
I had scanned the side of the road to find the PERFECT backdrop that conveyed what I wanted my outfit to evoke.
...Got my camera and tripod ready to go.
I did my first Test-Shot.


And Lo and Behold I see the red battery icon grace the screen.
Mine Blinks indicating a low battery and that its time for the owner to charge it.
I forged ahead making the best out of my 10-shot self-timer preset.
Just as I was reviewing and mentally critiquing my first set of poses, the camera shut off.

I was disappointed, but at least I got SOMETHING of today's outfit.
I wanted to go with a layered look featuring this mustard v-neck. And since the air was quite crisp today, I thought I'd better make the BEST out of the cooler temps.
As I was piecing this look together mentally, I knew gray, [hence the boots], and dark denim would be a nice contrast to the bright-golden hue of the mustard


What was not expected was for me to add my tan sweater vest!
I did so at the last minute and it was a good choice if I do say so myself.
I would have loved a festive scarf to give this look even more color!
What color scarf should I have worn?
Silver Hoop Earrings <3: New York and Company
Silver-Rimmed Shades: Lane Bryant
Mustard V Neck Top: St. John's Bay via JC Penny
Silver Boyfriend Watch: New York and Company
Emerald-Stoned Ring: Forever 21
Tan Sweater Vest: The Gap
Pewter Bomber Jacket: Forever 21+
Pewter Belt: New York and Company
Dark Denim Skinnies: Baby Phat
Gray Biker Boots: Wet Seal
WHEW! Probably the LONGEST List of Brands EVER!



  1. You are so cute! I love when people are able to find different backdrops... I just don't have the time. I am always working and by the time i get home it's dark... lucky you, these are great shots and a cute outfit...

  2. If I get done with my morning routine early, I too shoot before work. Sometimes I shoot on my lunch break. I am always scouting out places and getting ideas from other bloggers. As far as People watching, I've gotten used to it. I would try to pick inconspicuous places at first, but now I just focus on making my pictures turn out the way I want them to. People will see you are taking pictures of yourself and get over it! LOL...

  3. Love your style of writing as well as your personal style. You look like you're having so much fun in your pics!

  4. Y Thank you! Thank you so much for stopping by!