Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Long Day...

This is where I spend more than 40 hours of my life.
I tried to make it as homey as possible.
[the end]

My hair was less than perfect.
I was tired.
And I had WORKED overtime to meet a deadline.
But all I could think about when I got off was taking these pictures.



I notice in my pictures I am getting a bit thicker...
Thus that was the motivation I needed to start back working out this week.
I did VERY WELL this morning I have you know...
But I know I will have to really get it together to keep going forward, not backward.
As I type this I am craving some chocolate...
In my mind, I'm doing that thing that Homer Simpson does when he's lusting over food...
"That's what's got me looking fluffy in the first place," I scold myself.
Copper-Colored Framed Shades: Academy
Emerald-Colored Studded Earrings and Emerald Colored Ring: Forever21
Peach Cardi: Target
Peach Tee: Express
Leopard Belt: Wet Seal
Rose Gold Watch: New York and Company
Brown Bag: Marshall's
Brown Chambray Trousers: Malorose
Patent Leopard Flats: Cato's


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