Monday, January 13, 2014

M is For My Aura...

{An inexpensive branding idea…}

I had been inspired by the monogram trend for quite some time!
I’ve seen it all over the world wide web by personal style bloggers and fashion connoisseurs alike.

When I saw it in Old Navy, {for $12, mind you}, I thought to myself “Meh, why not?”

It seems they had every letter under the son EXCEPT the one my name starts with.
So when I saw the M, I  thought it’d be cute to promote the blog.

/Side Note:/ I keep losing track of my thoughts because I am getting sidetracked by the RHOA…LAWD, it’s like a train wreck…You know it’s gonna end badly but you can’t look away.

Of course if you have been to my Facebook Page {click HERE to like please-and-thank-you}, then you’ve seen a glimpse of this look, as I used it for my banner image.

 I thought I’d also add some snaps to the blog as an outfit post as well.  

 Fedora: Wet Seal/Neon Hoops: Rainbow (old)/Monogram Sweater: Old Navy/Premium Boyfriend Jeans: Gap Outlet/Wedge Boots: Forever21/Fringe Bag: Target