Friday, January 17, 2014

Over-Sized Chunky Sweater

It never ceases to delight me when I find an item on my mental shopping list which I was not looking for.
 I was ACTUALLY looking for a turtleneck to style with  pants I acquired some time ago.
 But I was able to rescue this treasure from the clearance rack for an additional 40% off the already marked-down price.

This deal made this the most in-expensive I’ve seen a sweater duster all season…(The thin knit dusters don’t count BTW)

I bought it 2.5 sizes too big, so when I got it home, I played with it for styling options.
 I knew I would style it with leggings, (which I never thought I could pull off for work).
But the belted waist was something I stumbled upon to give the sweater some shape.

  I practiced wrapping, pulling, and tugging in all the right places to get the draping just right.
And Voil√†!  A Masterpiece!

The sweater also had a big snag on the fabric, which falls on my right (your left) shoulder blade. I was going to try to snag the opposite shoulder blade to make a unique/ quirky design. But, with some needle and thread I was able to conceal it instead. 

I felt so comfortable, but put together today!
 I can’t wait to style other looks with this frock.

Earrings: Vintage,Thrifted/Charm Bracelet: by Guess {Gifted}/Under-Tank: J.C.Penny Arizona Brand/Taupe Chunky Cardigan: The Gap Outlet/Belt: Target/Leggings: Walmart/Booties: Report via T.J. Maxx/Bag: Big Buda via Ross