Friday, October 18, 2013

my Weekend Dress Code...


ü  Comfy…Check
ü  Trendy…Check
ü  Age Appropriate…Check
Age Appropriateness is when Life Experience & Style Collide …BTW

Dress Code:

1. Weekend outfits must include denim.

2. Weekend outfits must include at least one item that you can’t wear to the office. 
--Examples are heels, sleeveless tops and short or form-fitting clothes

3. Buttoned-down shirts must be unbuttoned a little too far…

4. Weekend outfits must be fabulous!
-- Clothes that leave you FEELING Bold, fearless and fierce is a MUST!

I was playing around in my clothes as I often do.
I like to try stuff on in my closet just to do a fit check and look for outfit ideas.

(I’ve also been slowly doing a closet purge of items I’d like to share, sell or donate.)

I came across these new leggings which I wasn’t quite sure how to style and these fabulous red oxfords!

I have acquired quite a few pairs of shoes in various shades of red, I’ve come to notice…

….Annnd of Course The new Hotness (pictured with my shoes).
It will be my statement black bag of course…Even if it is Color-blocked!

Ruby Colored Earrings: Target
Denim Button-Down: Old Navy
Two-Toned Watch: NY & Company
Leopard-Print Leggings: DD’s Discount

Ruby Red Oxfords: Bass Oxfords purchased online
Bag: Big Budda via Ross

...The End 


  1. This is the PERFECT weekend outfit!! Love it. Efforlessly stylish and fun. I'm going to try and faollow your weekend dress code rules tomorrow! Hopeflly my outfit turns out as yours ;)

    1. If not, still post because your style is unique!

  2. Heyyyyyy... Welcome to the Weekend! Perfect FIT!!!!!

  3. I love how you styled these red shoes and u are giving me the courage to pull out thee leopard leggings that have been in my closet over a year. My butt and hips kind of made them look strippery lollllllllllllllllllllllllll but I might give them a go now.

  4. Two words, long shirt! This top, when pulled all the way down, grazes the tip of my thighs. Of course with movement my butt hiked it up but I accounted for that. I want to do a peplum and legging look too. Thanks for reading V!

  5. Tammie thanks so much for even visiting my blog. Now I'm a new fan of yours! I love this outfit. I swear chambray goes with everything right?! This is a very cute look. Guess I need to find me some kind of animal printed bottoms...

  6. Yayyy! Thanks for reading Corie!