Monday, October 21, 2013

Livin' for the Weekend...

I know quite a few of my posts have been weekend themed.

With work and school they are the pulse that keep my life going.

That said…Here are some snaps I took.
(Of Course the MAIN Event was my Friend Naomi's Birthday Party so there are more pics of that!)

1. The CUTEST PUMPKIN I ever did see...(way to lift morale Team-ACT) ....Hmmm maybe next year we can have a scary pumpkin contest at work!

2. Selfies of some cute dresses that will no doubt make WONDERFUL outfit posts one day.

3. Apparently this was not Naomi's cake. No wonder people were laughing when I took this pic..."Whups!"

4.  Me and the birthday girl...YAY! (my lip color was poppin'!)

5.  These were not all  the guests but my camera died before I could get everyone and a full-body of my outfit :( .

6. Apparently these two were in drill team together in high school.  Donna Summer's "Last Dance" came on & it struck something nostalgic. ...Never got to see the whole routine though.

7. My Blusey Friday Night Maincure... It's Actually two shades, (of which I can't call to name) but you can't tell in the pic...

.... Ummm what was I looking at? P.S. I was sitting on Naomi's lap...LOL!


  1. Cute pumpkin... I love your lippie & hair! Pic #2 that dress!!!!! Yassss... O, and link up this post and show off that manicure hunni! I'm in need of a cute blue polish!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lynn. Your presence is always welcomed here!...I just linked up, sorry I didn't do it sooner.