Monday, July 22, 2013

Citron Shorts + Sky High Wedges...

When I saw Inez of Style Chic 360 in her fabulous outfit featuring a Citron colored pair of shorts, she gave me the GREEN light to order a pair for myself.
 I must say I continue to be inspired by fabulous bloggers like herself whom are luscious, thick and above all FASHIONABLE to say the least.
Click here to see her post!

So my shorts came this past Friday and I found the perfect occasion to wear them this weekend…

I am really loving shorts with heels, especially wedges. So I HAD to pull out my new leopard shoes… I was at least two more inches taller in these!

Also, I am discovering that shorts with more of a flowy material don’t cling to my legs as much as those that are constructed with fabric that is more rigid.

I can’t wait to style more looks with these!

Shades: Borrowed for the pics
Earrings: The Avenue
Sleeveless Denim Top: A.N.A. via JC Penny
Citron hued Shorts: J. Lo via
Leopard [sky high] Wedges and Natural Clutch: DD’s Discounts
Bangles: Target
Watch: Random…


  1. so cute!!! I wish I was bold enough to rock shorts!!

    1. Well it took months of trying on different styles to find some I felt comfortable rocking. I would suggest Bermuda shorts, culottes, or even a romper. V you can even size up and have shorts tailored down for optimal fit in the legs. I bought a romper that I plan on doing this with. But I get inspiration for blogger peeps all the time to try new things! Thanks for commenting!!!!

  2. You look lovely, chica! You must be kind of short because you don't even look that tall in your sky high wedges (they are so cute, btw). I haven't worn shorts in forever.

  3. Yes ma' I am a short and sexy 5'2"... But people forget I'm that little because my personality is as big as life! :P thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I agree with Vanessa.. I so wanna get into shorts. I'm also 5'2 and hv tried on several bermuda shorts but for some reason I just look stuffed in shorts. N not to mention I have small legs from the knees like I have NOOOO calf muscle at However I will take your advice and try some flowy shorts... I hate when shorts crawl up my thighs.. But to look very cute in your outfit!! I liiiike!!

  5. Yeah these shorts did the crawl but I politely pulled them right back had to just keep trying till I got it right. Good luck on your search!

  6. Those shoes are too cute!!! I'm loving that color on you! You look great! I'm 5'3" , and I'm a part of the "thick leg club" too! lol! I'm working on adding more shorts into my wardrobe. Slowly but surely :)

  7. And I'm sure you'll Rock it out girl so make sure you post!!!!

  8. I love love that neon colour.


  9. Girl you got me wanting to order a pair! This color looks fab on you! I like how you paired it with the animal print heels. Perfect! You look great!