Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When Summer Meets Fall...

This Outfit Happened!

We had a cool front.
I felt like this sweater dress was PEFERCT for the cooler temperature.

The fabric was thick enough for the bit of chill in the air…
But thin enough for me not to get too warm.

Plus, the multi-colored stripes are reminiscent of the sweater dress by Old Navy which was  all the rave in blogger land a few years ago. 

..And of course I could go bare-legged

Wearing Flats

Or My Teal faux-Suede Sandals

Mid snap session, a neighbor was kind enough to help me.
At first I turned down his help. But then when he persisted, I said sure.
I’m still learning how to use my camera and my pics come out better with help.
He even gave me a bit of direction, which was GREAT!
It resulted in this pose…lol!

You never know what might happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

And just to think, I almost didn’t take pictures today.

Earrings: Forever 21
Sweater Dress: Ross
Teal Pointed-Toe Flats: Old Navy
Teal faux Suede Sandals: Cato's
White Carry-All: Random Store in the Mall…


  1. Too cute!! I love me stome stripes, and you wear them well miss lady!!

    1. Yes ma'am! Like you I would binge on striped I have to stop myself. But when I saw this dress, especially how it fit, I went for it. One never can have too many dresses!!!!

  2. gorgeous I remember when Brittany of PocketsandBows had the blogosphere gone crazy with that dress

    1. When does she not have the blogger world going Cray? She is fabulous! Thanks for stopping in V!

  3. Girl! That dress is gorgeous! And yes, I remember when that Old Navy Dress broke necks across the blogging world! Sometimes Ross will really surprise you! I love those teal flats! Gimme gimme!!

  4. Ditto! I boycotted my neighborhood Ross until they got it together. They slowly wooed me with their shoes and dresses and a few other items. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Glad u decided to take pics... Ross can be a hit or miss but when u HIT! U HIT!!!!! Andddd... U HIT!!!!!! Gimme that bag tho!