Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coat Dress...

When I was a teen, I used to sing in the church choir.
I was a member of a small church that couldn’t afford choir robes.
So for musicals we wore the same color.
One time it was Red.
And we wore a scarf pinned to our red ensembles in that shade as well as other complementing colors.

I did not have a red dress and my mom, ever so frugal, was not going to buy me one just for one event.
We wore the same size, so she let me wear one of hers.
The dress was a red A-line with double breasted buttons….Midi length.
Straight from the ‘80’s I bet.
My teen-aged self didn’t understand how to appreciate a good vintage piece.
I wasn’t meant to.

And Now…

My friend was kind enough to take some snaps of me while hanging out before church this past Sunday.

She is from the city that I’ve come to know after two years of living here. So she introduced me to some nooks and crannies I didn’t even know existed.

Which made for some scenic pictures.

Dainty Button Earrings: Forever 21
Coat Dress: Sharagano Women  Via Ross
Tortoiseshell Watch: New York & Company
Bronze Heels: Sam Edelman via  Ross
Bronze Clutch: Marshalls

And on my lips...
Revlon Fire & Ice


  1. Those gorgeous shoes brought a tear to my eye!!

    1. Yes lawdy they are terrific! Thanks V!

  2. Lovvvve the whole ensemble!!!!!! ~FIERCE

  3. Thank you Lynn. I felt so pretty and sophisticated...can't wait till it gets cold enough to style it with a layer or two!

  4. Very pretty!! The button detail on that dress is too cute!! And I love red!!

  5. I am devoid of red pieces so this was a welcomed addition to my closet. Thanks for commenting Ticka.