Monday, January 6, 2014

Naomi & Rod...

As those who read the blog know, I do my own photography.
I became more interested in it as my interests in blogging grew.
Occasionally I get asked by friends or friends of friends to do portraits.
I shy away from this because I am an amateur photographer.
And, I don’t want to be responsible if someone’s pictures are not up the their personal standard.

 My friend Naomi, however, would NOT take no for an answer.
 She wanted me to do some pics of her and her beau for a Christmas card. I obliged but I warned her that my skills were limited.

She believed in me. …

And so off the three of us went to do the shoot.

Of course, we did some posey stuff, but my favorite ones of couples are CANDIDS!

I think they tell the story of the dynamics between two people better than anything else!

I really enjoyed shooting Rod & Naomi. My friend really landed herself a sweet guy!
Don’t you just love love?!!! 
I must admit I am partial to black love!

P.S. My Fashionista Eye spied that dress Naomi was wearing for this shoot! She was a bit skeptical at first but you have to agree that, that dress hugged her curves RIIIIIGHT!
my camera battery died before I could get shots of Mr. Rod by himself...Maybe next time!!!


  1. What a lovely couple! What are you talking about, you did a great job!

  2. Yes Tammie they are a beautiul couple and I too LOOOVE BLACK love!!! U did an amazing job with these pics

  3. Thank you both! My friend texted me and told me she felt special! She really is!

  4. Awesome shoot! They look very nice together. I love Black love too! ;)