Sunday, June 23, 2013


I am at the age where I want to look mature and classy but still incorporate FUN pieces into my wardrobe.
There is a fine line between staying current but also not looking like someone that is 17.
Those days are over for me.
I’d rather exercise 


When I saw these Comic Strip leggings on’s jr. plus size section of the site, I went out on a limb and ordered them.

When they came in, two of my readers,  (who I am lucky enough to interact with in person), asked me how would I style them.
I spouted out some ideas, but I was unsure how these notions would manifest themselves into outfits!

Today, I finally composed a look with them after they have been sitting on my desk in my room for months!

I decided since the pants are quite busy, (which makes them so FUN), the best solution was to style them with a lose-fitting denim sleeveless top I recently acquired.

I love how the denim is sandblasted and it fades in some parts.

Subtle & Simple…

Somehow sandals wouldn’t do this look justice so I opted for my peanut butter brown combat boots.

It was WAAAYYY too hot to be wearing closed-toe shoes, I must admit.
But I really wanted to wear these pants so I braved the heat.

I added pops of color with my bright orange bag and complementing bold lip, (which is a combination of two colors from NYX brand lipstick).

Lastly I kept my jewelry simple, no need to have flashy bling competing with the busy print on these leggings!

Another way I’ve been adding FUN to my personal style is via nail art. I’ve been inspired by what they’re doing to the basic manicure now-a-days and added a statement nail on both middle fingers. I have been OBSESSED with a white background with different variations of a black design…

This week’s nails look like this.

 I'm wearing an overlay with China Glaze polish in Shocking Pink!

This is a  selfie I took in the dressing room today of a FUN crop top I tried on. 

It's Black & White so it can easily be incorporated with other structured pieces to look more grown-up!

Also, I have compiled a list of FUN legging choices  for those of us who have curves for days, and that are inexpensive! 


 These and other styles from Wetseal can be found here.


These and other styles from Forever 21 can be found here.

Oversized Silver Earrings: Cato's
Denim Sleeveless Top: ANA by JC Penny
Peanut Butter Combat Boots: Wetseal (in store)
Comic Strip Leggings: Wetseal Plus
Bright Orange Carry-all: Cato's


  1. OMG I love how you paired these leggings with these boots!!! I want a comic tee shirt too!!! We sure are on the same accord with trying to bring GROWN woman swag to our looks!!!

  2. Thanks V! Great minds think alike! I have seen some cute comic strip tees...But I'm also feeling the white tees with black writing! They are soo versatile!

  3. You look like you're having fun!! I really like the leggings! I'm trying to get into wearing more print on my bottom half besides stripes. You've given me some ideas! Thanks!! ;)

  4. And you cab do it dear. You have a nice shape. With leggings go with a cotton material and a top that sits just below your hips...those high-low tops are pretty snazzy too and I've even seen leggings worn with peplums!

  5. OMG...those comic strip leggings are totally cute. I need some. lol Of course, I would not be brave enough to wear them outside of the house. I love how you pulled them off!

    1. Thanks! I was thinking about se ding them back when I first got them...glad I didn't.

  6. Gurrrl, u be killing the photo shoots & u are rocking the heck out of them leggings! BTW, cute mani... Link up your post to my Manicure Monday!


  7. you styled them perfectly!You look great in them :)