Sunday, June 30, 2013


Because I have rather THICK Legs I have the hardest time finding shorts that don’t look like biking shorts on my thighs.

No matter what material…
Spandex, Rayon, Cotton, Woven,  or Denim…

Most shorts cling to the upper part of my leg and hang on  for DEAR LIFE…

Of course I could do a couple of squats, cut out carbs and  do a bit of cardio to tone my inner thighs up.
But life is about working with what you have RIGHT NOW until you reach your goals.

So because I wanted to add a couple of pairs of shorts to my entourage, I was always on the lookout for some that were flattering…

Alas! I found these more-than-a-few months ago by Ellen Tracy at none other than Burlington Coat Factory.

Couldn’t believe how FLATTERING they were then and still are now.

Styling Tip:  Use a high heel to elongate the leg while giving it a muscular and slimmer appearance!

Since it’s the weekend I deemed today the PERFECT day to break out these babies.

ANNNDDD, while running some quick errands, I deemed this storefront the PERFECT Place to shoot this outfit post!

Can you Guess Why?

And on my nails this week?

China Glaze Sun Worshipper.
I have made it a habit of asking my nail techs to add an opaque white to the base of my nEOn manicures. It diminishes the translucence that is ALL NEON POLISH BRANDS and makes the colors more vivid!

Who’s With Me?!

I know you heard about the closing of Google Reader.
I cherish each and every person that took the time to read and comment as well.
I hope we can stay in touch.

I’m already on Bloglovin’ (even though I haven’t logged in, in months…*tisk, tisk*)
I put signing up for Feedly as one of the things on my list to do today…
Both these sites allow you to import blogs you have saved from the Google Reader to these feed sites which is AWESOME! Less work! 
So, Who’s with me?

Large Hoops: Wet Seal
Watch: Random
Bracelet/Studded Clutch: Forever 21
Sleeveless Denim Top: A.N.A. via J.C. Penny
Polka Dotted Shorts: Ellen Tracy via Burlington Coat Factory
Chevron Print Platforms: Jessica Simpson via Ross


  1. Get it Tammie! You look nice girl! I'm a nail polish fanatic so I'm loving your nails and toes!

    1. I just love nails that look like they glow in the dark! They pip out against by skin and since I don't wear make up as much, my nails are a nice substitute! Thanks for reading Crystal!!!

  2. So lets just talk for a moment about those FABULOUS legs of yours!! Those shorts look great on you! The print is also very eye-catching. Great pairing with the toned down denim top and mixing prints with the shoes. This is the perfect summer weekend outfit.

  3. Thanks Ticka! You are so sweet.