Friday, March 8, 2013

Wrapped Up...

I have transitioned.

I finished the last day of my old position on my job last week.

Me and three other co-workers went to lunch to bid me ado, and wish me well into the next chapter.

I decided to wear this outfit in commemoration.

I have had a love affair with wrap dresses for a long time.

When I saw this one, my feelings were no different.

Of course, I had to make blue an accent color because I am in love with that combo. … Blue and orange that is.
But I didn’t want to over-do it with the accessories…

Just sassy blue heels with a modest height…


Cute button earrings, which are becoming my signature in my small circle… That was enough

Pewter Moto Jacket: Forever 21+
Earrings, Dress, Shoes: Catos
Bag: Steve Madden
Hosiery: Wal-Mart George-brand stockings in “Coffee”

Here I was talking to the manager of a local grocery store…
He was basically telling me to skedaddle because I was using the property of the store for my pics.

He was curious as to why I was taking them in the first place.
I told him, “They’re for my online journal.” #if-he-were-a-blogger-he’d-understand/ #get-a-hobby-sir …


  1. Very cute! Love the colors! It can be hard to leave what's so familiar, but I know your future is bright. Good luck with everything!!

    I kind of miss people awkwardly watching me take pics out side. Ha!

  2. It can be annoying though because I just want to ca finish quickly so I'm not late for work...ugh! I keep saying I need to get cards made...but I digress. Starting my new position has been good so far. The people are nice.