Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Bye Summer!

I definitely feel the change in the weather. In my state, it’s gone from hellish temperatures outdoors to heat that is a little more bearable. Its still hot though.

 True to the change in seasons, I’ll be slowly retiring pieces that are reminiscent of spring for those that have darker tones. I have to admit; I kind of miss when my skin lightens to more of a dark caramel hue that can hold its own against deep greens, grays and wines.

However, Summer would not have a proper send off without this VIBRANT frock!

I believe in getting quality clothing on a dime. That said, I occasionally visit my local LOFT store when they are having a magnificent sale or I shop the clearance rack.

 One day I was in my local store doing what I do, and spotted this lovely maxi dress. The print is what initially caught my eye as I found it to be intriguingly unique. I didn’t get the dress that day or subsequent days I spotted it.  The third time was a charm for me and I snagged it while browsing sale items online.

I am so glad I did!

I adore this dress so much that I decided against the safe purple lip color I had envisioned and stepped out of my comfort zone to rock the same statement mauve on the garment.  It took me mixing three lip shades to get the right hue, but it was SO worth it!

Other than the rich pallet I adore the details such as the lattice straps on the back and the maxi hemline.

All this dress needed was a few accessories that could easily fade into the background such as my pewter clutch, metallic and nude color-blocked sandals and  some sparkly suds.

Dress: The Loft, Earrings: Forever 21, Sandals: BCBGeneration

Photogarhy by: Christina Garza


  1. Yaaaaassss girl!! Slaying as usual. Are you still taking your own photos? They are sooo awesome. Love all your poses and back drops; you are working that camera Thanks for sharing. Keep up the inspiration. :)

  2. I actually had help taking these pictures from a local up and coming photographer. It is s BIG HELP when I can collaborate with someone! Thank you for reading Ms. Kishina!

  3. OMGGGGGG so gorgeous and that lippie yassss! It was so hot in Mississippi I almost uit blogging for real for real! loll

  4. Tell me about it! Heat+Humidity is a bad combination!

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