Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The One Accessory I Can't Take Off...

Even if I tried...


Every time I wear this floral jumper, I think of my flower tattoo.
I got it 5 years ago... [I think]...


Some people regret the tattoos they got.
But I don't.


I absolutely love mine.
It was something I wanted to do, but was scared. Then I mustered up the courage and took to the ink & needles...


No looking back!
The flower that graces my chest  is a cherry blossom.


To me, cherry blossoms exude beauty in a rare form...


My tattoo is the accessory that I can't take off...
And I don't want to.


I still look down at it and smile.
ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I like the shocked reaction I get from people when they find out I actually have one...


Silver Watch & Matching Hoops: New York & Company
Silver Necklace: Cato's Fashions
Floral Jumper: Forever 21+
Denim Blazer: LL Bean
Pink Skinny Belt: Marshall's [$2!]
Pink Loafers: Target



  1. Cute Jumper & LOVE the tattoo!!!!

  2. Fearless and fabulous!! I love the jumper! And the addition of the denim blazer is a nice touch. Your tattoo is cute!! I have a tattoo that I did myself(long story), that I HATED...and with good reason. It was a mess. I got it covered, and I am elated that I did.

  3. Very cute post! I also have a tattoo on my inner ankle. My fam is very religious, so they didnt necessarily agree with me getting it. I know deep down they are hoping that I regret getting it, but I dont!! I love it so much and I am even thinking about getting more haha. Yes girl, I too love that my tat is an accessory i cant take off. Cute jumpsuit and loafers as well!

  4. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

  5. I can do same Thangs with that romper! It's too cute! I'm already envisioning rolling the pants up a little and wearing a leopard clutch or shoe or something with a white blazer.

  6. What great ideas Rieko! I hope you don't mind if I use a few ....