Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Color!


I spied the focal piece in myself portraits on a random browsing trip with my friend.

We literally went from store to store until 1am that day, stopping for lunch at TGI Friday's in between.


I had to practice moderate restraint as I had over an undisclosed amount's worth of items in my basket, in one store.

I saw so many pieces that I could do so much with!

The next day, I used this skirt and two other items to motivate me to do my homework, as it was the closing day of my weekend.


I silently bribed myself, "If you do your homework, you can go get your treats."

Will work for FASHION...


As you can see, I got it done, and rewarded myself.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd I learned about a trick that another blogger does that was so affirming to me...


She said she cuts the lining out of some of her clothes because she finds them so constricting.

I agree...

This skirt was FULLY Lined and it fit so snug around areas where I'm MOST Curvaceous.


So, I gingerly and carefully took my scissors and removed it...


I could stand to get this garment taken in a bit at the waist though...


White Dangle Earrings: Wal-Mart

White Watch: New York & Company (they have FABULOUS time pieces & I have EVERY ColoR!)

Ivory Ring: Forever 21

Denim Shirt <3: American Eagle

Striped Skirt: Target

Hot Pink Loafers [Work]: Target

Coral Pumps [Play]: Forever 21

Stark White Bag: Baker's Shoes [And Acessories!]


  1. Werrrrk it boo!

    U can hand over that handbag when u get tried of it! ~wink

  2. Replies
    1. yessssss gawdddddddddd this is one of my faves from you!

  3. Thank you...Sometimes I do bring it...Lol!

  4. LOVE that skirt!! I've had my eye on it at Target for about a week now. I'm gonna get it eventually =D The coral pumps?! Yes ma'am!!

    I do the same thing with skirts that are lined. I have found that they are less likely to "ride up" when the lining is out as well.