Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photo Feature: Color POP!


After seeing some pictures I snapped, my friend Naomi was inspired by my ability to color block and capture my looks with my tripod.

She mentioned putting my styling skills to the test by letting me pick some looks for her and then doing a photo shoot.

I was happy to oblige.

Little did I know that we would collaborate this weekend.

We started preparing for the pictures the night before the shoot with her picking out style concepts and me giving her suggestions on how to use accessories and such to make her looks POP!


I liked this part because it was so much fun rummaging through her closet and accessories to concoct the perfect outfits.



With finishing touches from my own closet, we were able to put together looks that were full of life and color but stayed true to Naomi's personal style...


These are some of favs of Naomi!!!!

Look One:





Statement Earrings: Beauty Supply

Ring: Body Central

Neon Clutch: Borrowed/Charming Charlie's

Dress: BeBop via Ross

Shoes: Delicious via Shoe Tyme

Look Two:





Earrings: Gifted

Bangle:  Body Central

Blue Clutch: Forever 21

Striped Clutch: Borrowed/ Body Central

Jean Shorts:  Forever 21          

Purple Tank: Target

Neon Yellow Wedges: Shoe Tyme

What I Learned

1. I MAY love taking pictures of people but I'm not sure if I can invest in a DSLR camera as of yet. I love my Nikon, but I must admit it was a pain to shoot in some conditions. Maybe a DSLR would have been more equipped to take on these environments.
2. It is hard to direct someone. I'm used to standing in front of my Tripod and just doing my thang.  I'm so glad that Naomi was so into the shoot. She was pretty easy-going and willing to do various poses that I could use and build my directives to her from. It also helped to look at previous frames and critique her movement as we went.
3. Shoot Early! Not only are the weather conditions more favorable, but the lighting, (for my camera), was better as well.
4.  I always keep my eye out for a good backdrop. Anything can make scenery for   fabulous pictures.  A brick wall, street sign, alleyway, lush greenery, gates and fences are some of my favorites,
5. Have fun....Pictures don't have to be stuffy or prim and proper. Be silly and carefree! Natural poses make for the best pictures...


  1. I love how you all collaborated on these looks. My fave is the one of her on the wall and the back shot with the floral dress! BTW, your pictures and poses ALWAYS come out perfect... you are a natural for the camera!

    Great Job!


    1. Thank you Lynn! I had fun and I want to do more photo features in the future.

  2. You did a great job styling her and directing the photos!! I need to to head out to Minnesota to help a sista out! lol… no seriously. =D

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwe thank you Ticka! (I took the pictures too ma'am.) I hope to do more photo features with my friends...I know it gives me a boost of confidence when I can look at amazing pictures of myself. I hope to share that with others.