Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second Week Report ...


This week I did better.

I am still battling the demon called "My Sweet Tooth," but I compensated for my mishaps by tracking my food intake.

One night I only had enough calories left for greens and green beans for dinner...

True Story...It was NOT FUN either!

I worked out four days this week as well. I alternated between Rush Fit & Insnaity.


And the scale showed my efforts.

I went from 219, just two weeks ago to 214 at the end of this week.


I gave myself Saturday and Sunday off and I am pumped to start my work-out Monday.

It's a long road. But slow and steady wins the race...Well slow, steady and CONSISTENT!


Vibrant Scarf: Express (on clearance!)

Turquoise Shirt Dress:

Tan Braided Belt: Wet Seal

Tan Combat Boots: also Wet Seal (buy one get one for a penny sale)

Tan Bag: Marshall's

Olive Utility Jacket <3: Forever 21+



  1. Slow, steady and consistant is RIGHT!!! Permanent changes aren't made overnight! CONGRATULATIONS on your victory with the scale! Fantastic job!!

    You look great! Love the shirt dress! And I'm gonna need a close up of those boots please! Cute!!!

  2. Good luck on your journey doll! You look great! Blue is your color!
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  3. Cute!!!! Keep pushin!!!