Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mini Winter...

I had been saving this shirt dress in my closet for when it got cold.
I FINALLY got to wear it this week.

It's by Kirna Zabete.

I thought I would buy into the hype and purchase it when the designer showcase hit Target.

I also fell in love with her faux leather skirt.


{I missed a similar looking one when it debuted for Forever 21+ and could have kicked myself when it sold out.

I STILL haven't bought this skirt even though I located it on ebay...but I will...

The dress...I did buy.}

I am a SUCKER for shirt dresses!


I was determined to wear it even though my app read 78 degrees.

I rolled the long equestrian-looking sleeves up and went bare-legged.


To my utter shock, it was 58 degrees when I stepped outside! I thought I could wing it and commenced to taking pics. I thought it would be another day where it was winter in the morning and fall as the day progressed.

Nope, it was WINTER all day and got even cooler that night.

I went back home, (I wasn't far), put some clothes on and found another location to finish my pics.


And that, my friends, is the life of a personal style blogger...




Red Peacoat: Target

Red Bag: Carlos Santana via Macy's sale

Dress: Kirna Zabete for Target

Slit Peep-toe Booties: Forever 21

Black Tights: Target

Wedge Booties: Forever 21

Black Wool Peacoat: Old Navy

Green Belt: Forever 21

Earrings: Old Navy




  1. CUTE! I love a good shirt dress as well!

    I am cracking up at the fact that you went back home to "put some clothes on" then finished waking your pics!! I understand that all too well.

  2. Cute!!!! Love the shirt dress!!! In love with the pleather skirt!!! I know the feelin on that weather thang and then being a blogger....UGH!

  3. Lovely outfit, your dress is gorgeous
    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, hope you check it out!

    Adaora x