Sunday, August 25, 2013

Two PIece...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the beach.

 My friend bought a beach tarp & I though it was sooo cool and thoughtful!

{Let me preface this by saying that I was a little bummed out due to dating woes. Without going too much into detail, I will say that some things just don’t work out the way I want them to. I decided I’m NOT going to lose myself due to disappointment or frustration. I am blessed… so the opportunity to let go of my funky mood (or even the prospect) and do something fun with friends was what I needed! I also RELISH in the opportunity to flaunt a new outfit!}

I took some pics at home before going as I didn’t want to burden my friends too much with taking my outfit pics. Since my point and click digital camera broke, I’m forced to learn with a more professional grade camera…(I think it’s a DSR…not quite a DSLR…) and a tripod…I’m not ready for outdoor pics, but the lighting would be better. For now I rig up a lil sum-sum in my apartment while I’m learning.
I may need to research tips and tricks for self-portraits with my camera.

Here’s what I got though…

When my local Forever 21 came out with these two pieces, I bought them in EVERY color carried by the store.

I am modeling the tropical print and black...

  But I also have the neon pink as well.
I wore the tropical print to the beach…The colors made me happy.

With my recent dating experience that felt much like rejection, I asked myself 
“Turn down for what?!” 
Life is too short not to relish in my confidence and self-growth. Life is too precious to focus on my flaws ALL the time. For my assets greatly outweigh them!

Bathing Suits: Forever 21+
Pink Pumps: Old Navy
Striped Hat: Wal-Mart
Neon Pink Hoops: Rainbow (ages ago)


  1. Turn down for what, is right!!! The one who is meant to be is the one who will stand the test of times and issues.

    You look so cute!! And that last pic in the black suit is EVERYTHING!!! You rock those suits well Tammie!

  2. Commitment does not mean a thing in the dating world anymore. I find these days its easier to settle into a life of singlehood...
    Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  3. Baby you look excuse my french fucking AMAZING!! I hope Forever 21 comes out with more of these before my cruise next year because I will be flaunting all this body flaws and all and hoping to look somewhat as hot as you look girlie!!!!

    1. Thanks V!!! You know Gabi Gregg teamed with swim suits for all (I think that's the company) and came out with a line of two pieces similar to these. Sooo you don't have to wait till next year. But if you do wanna wait, I'm hoping they come out with some more rad swimwear too! Thanks for your comment. It was sweet.

  4. Rock that thang sis--you got this! I'm glad you had a good time. Life is one big learning experience, evaluate lessons learned, and Keep It Moving!

  5. Thank you Robin...welcome to my aura!

  6. Tammie you look stunning!!! I simply adore that black suit!!! and I think you chose the right suit that day.. bc you seem very fun and inviting!!! LOVE IT!!

  7. You are so brave and you look awesome!!!