Monday, September 22, 2014


I can’t help it. I’m a glutton for luxury. So, when I have the opportunity to get an investment piece from a well-known designer for a reasonable price, I seize it.

I bought into the hype that was ALTUZARRA for Target and immediately scoped the line to see if I there were some pieces, which might be right for me. I saw quite a few things I liked, but the piece that stood out to me was this snake-print empire waist dress. 
/Side Note:/Upon thinking about how I would style it, I pictured these fabulous jewel toned sandals.
It’s not the least bit chilly where I live so I thought they would bode well for a Fall aesthetic, while being realistic about what it REALLY feels like outdoors (It's still HOT!).  
I kept the rest of the color pallet simple, playing with the rich metallic undertone in the pattern, using it as a neutral that tied things together quite nicely.

Right before the line dropped, I read a review in which one blogger stated the pieces ran small. She had the privilege of trying on a few items before they hit stores.

While shopping,  I stuck with only trying on my dress, in order to keep my eye on the prize. Based on fit, I have to agree with her. 

I’m a 16/18 and can easily lean towards the latter size more easily these days, especially on my bottom half. This dress only went up to a 16, as do all the pieces in the line.  I was nervous at first but my saving grace was, in fact the, empire waist and the full skirt.

 I admit that I had issues with the top part of the dress, as it is not made for fuller busted women, (I definitely suggest wearing a push-up bra or a minimizer to help with this conundrum).   With the help of a kind Target associate, I was able to get it zipped.  I noticed after the second and third try-on, the dress had a little more give, but still kept it’s shape. This is an indicator of quality. 

Also, the sleeves were kind of tight at first try-on, but they seemed to loosen, a bit, the more I wore it. I did not have an issue with this because as a short person, sleeves tend to be too long in general and do this ruching effect around my wrists. The tightness of the sleeves boded well for this issue.

Dress: ALTUZARRA for Target!/Earrings: Forever21/Necklace: The Avenue/ Clutch: Rue21/Shoes: Vince Camuto via Ross


  1. These photos are FLAWLESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! The one sitting on the bench is my fave!!!!!!!! This dress is everything and the blue shoes set it off!

  2. Tammie you did this... as I commented on your instagram.. I love all the pics... especially the one with you sitting on the tree!! Soo cute!!

  3. Thanks Tiffany! My friend suggested it as a dare of sorts to see if I could do it! I guess I showed her, lol!

  4. Girl, I REALLY struggled to like the Altuzarra collection, but this dress though!!! It looks amazing on you!! I may have to reconsider!

  5. Mo I thought you might at least like the pieces with the bird embroidery!!!! The black and gold sweater see,=ms true to your style.