Thursday, May 15, 2014

Self Confidence...

People say to me, “You are so confident.”

So, I’ll start this post by sharing some hard lessons I’ve learned during my on-going journey in this area. 

{One}: If you allow others to define you, you will NEVER get to know who you really are. Even those which you feel closest to might underestimate you.

{Two}: Getting to know yourself is a long and sometimes painful process. But when you come out on the other side, you will have the ability to be intuitive and genuine with yourself as well as others. Self-awareness is one indicator of confidence. 

{Three}: It does a person no good to obsess over what they feel they’re lacking! While they are doing that, they are not focusing on all the GREAT qualities within themselves or making their life as wonderful as it can be.

{Four}: It does a person NO GOOD to try to make another look/feel bad. A person can only point out flaws in others because they have first recognized them in themselves.

{Five}: Be the bigger person. It’s difficult but it pays off.

My Story:

I will say that my blog has really helped me see myself.
There are a lot of beautiful, vibrant and talented women of all shapes and sizes who go unnoticed.

I felt like I was one of them and still struggle with that from time to time. But sharing my life with you all has helped me to REALLY see myself.
The positive re-enforcement has helped me to see what I already knew was there. I just had to walk in it.

I've learned that walking in the wisdom I've attained takes work. Sometimes it's  lonely because people don’t understand why I don’t just go along with what everyone else is doing. They don’t understand why I chose to stand for certain virtues or have a different opinion in general. And because of this, people have insinuated I was judgmental or thought I was better than others. 

Being your true self takes confidence. 

Bravery is not the absence of fear, but acting despite fear. It takes bravery to exude confidence, especially as a woman. What’s easy to is to take on an identity which is not genuine to gain acceptance. But this  does not equal happiness, acceptance of self or personal growth. 

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  1. Tammie... Im sooo proud of u girl!!! N this post is amaze balls!!! Love the swim suit!!!!!

  2. Thanks Tiffany. It's a daily work in progress, but I'm NOT the person I was this time last year and I WILL NOT be the person I am this time next year! Thanks for reading Tiffany!

  3. Amazing post and you look to DIE for in this suit.

  4. You are Amazing and I have to agree with you on all 5. But, Item # 2 says it best - {Two}: Getting to know yourself is a long and sometimes painful process. But when you . . .know; you learn to LOVE you and therefore earn confidence. And to me, Confidence is Sexy!!

  5. Yaaasss honey! Flaunt those curves. Love the confidence you exude :)

  6. You killed it Tammie!! I love this post!! Not only did you rick that two piece like a BAWSE, but you really tapped into some of the most important points/lessons about confidence. It's an ongoing process.