Monday, June 9, 2014

Making it WORK!

Initially I had another outfit in mind to wear to dinner with a friend tonight, but it didn’t work out “on paper” like it did in my head.
 So I decided to throw on this jumper instead to make my life much easier.

As much as I love this thing, {and I REALLY DO}, I had to work with it.
The fabric is woven with absolutely NO stretch but I was determined!
I sized up two sizes just so it would fit my bottom half properly and had it taken in.

My tailor got it down to a reasonable size and we made minor adjustments here and there to get it just right.

I will wear this jumper sparingly, as it pulls when I sit or bend down.
Thigh shapers helped out a bit with this conundrum, but I knew I had to be careful or it would rip to shreds.

I know I’m supposed to be passed the point of making clothes work, but I REALLY loved this piece, flaws and all.

I adore the way the neutral looks against my summer tan.
Plus the pops of color made it easy to style.
I just added some metallic jewelry and a statement bag to bring the look together.
I also loved how people stopped me to compliment my outfit today.

Have you ever made something work because you loved it? Tell me about it.

Earrings &Jumper: Forever 21 & Forever 21+/Watch: Target/Statement Bag: Ross/ Nude Sandals: Burlington

Photos by Ayissa Sandoval


  1. I need to hit Forever 21! I've ran across several blogs with awesome Rompers from F21. You look fabulous!

    1. Jo Jo I caution you to try it on first and shy away from suits with no stretch! But they have one on the site RIGHT NOW that I've been eying.

  2. I love this on you and that face is BEAT to the GAWDS!!!!

  3. You look Chic and fabulous here and you know it. In the end nothing beats a good tailor.

  4. In deed Mz Curves! I'm obsessed!

  5. Don't you just love a sexy jumper, Tammie?!! Yes ma'am you are serving up some fierceness in this ensemble. I love how you are " making it work for you "! :)

  6. I felt the same way about this jumper, which looks awesome on you, if I sit too hard-moved to quickly it would rip. Now, I'm thinking of getting the top tailored in order for it to fit better. Thanks for the advice.

  7. I am always glad to help.
    Welcome Xiriously and thanks for reading!