Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bright Britches...Take Two!

You know how you make a purchase and while you are making it, four or five different looks go through your head?

Then, you get home and in your spare time, you try on what you envisioned to see if it will actually work together...

Un huh...

...EXACTLY what I did today.


Except, I ended up putting this together in addition to what I originally had in mind.
I've wanted to wear these pants ever since I bought them over a month ago.
But, I was waiting for the right look.
So I was fortunate to find these teal accessories.  ...Because they were in the room together, it just felt right to put them with the pants and some stuff I already had to make this look happen...
I Love It! And will be sporting a variation of this look to work, no doubt...
Stay Tuned for another Look with these Bright Brtiches...
Jade& Gold-Toned Button Earrings & Matching Ring: Forever 21
Gold Watch: New York & Company
Light Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Gray Tee: Forever21 (yes, I buy them from EVERYWHERE)
Teal Flats & Belt: Old Navy
Mustard Cropped Slacks: New York & Company
On my nails: Piggy Polish's "I'll Get You My Pretty..."

After having an amazing breakfast at IHOP I did some browsing at Rue 21...
/Side Note/: Even though Rue 21 does have a website,, I'd suggest going to their store...
Ya'll don't sleep on Rue.
They had some amazing finds and the prices weren't bad either. 
Here are some items that caught my eye.

Camera roll1

Camera roll2
Since my friend and I FINALLY made it to Old Navy last night as they were closing, I wanted to try my hand at their white floral Dress and White Shirt-Dress.
Camera roll4

Camera roll3
Even though I only left with two adorable pair of button-earrings, I am considering going back to purchase one of the dresses.
Now I'm going to lounge and have a Red Box Day watching
"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"
"Young Adult"
I love that the moves are just roughly a buck a day, so if they stink, you're only out a dollar & some change.


  1. Tammie, you look great! i need to add color to my wardrope! If only Canada has some of those stores!

  2. Thank you! You don't have to go to a certain store to add color...Just be on the lookout for pieces you like, but are also vibrant...Then add them to nuetrals like I did here with the gray tee and denim. You can also pick two colors you like and play them along side each other, tying them together with a neutral. In printed pieces, chose one of the less obvious colors as an accent. I hope this helps.

  3. Those colors together are perfect!! Very cute! Can't wait to see what other looks you came up with! =D

  4. Thank you Ticka! I do surprise myself sometimes!

  5. love these bright britchessss!!!!! I need em in my life!!!

  6. I have grown to appreciate New York and Company for making pants that cater to curves. I remember back in the day them having nice pants, but the material was quite stiff and the pattern non accommodating to fuller hips and thighs. They have really done their research over the years. And, they have these pants in Hot Pink!

  7. Tammie!! love the mustard color jeans...and the teal belt I need me one...looks like im heading to old navy lol. TY and GREAT LOOK! love the t-shirt dress!

  8. Thank you and welcome to My Aura!

  9. I want to see Young Adult...
    Looks awesome..
    The pants are totally awesome...I love the nails as well! Yellow is ur color miss!

    New follower!

  10. "Young Adult" was funny. Sone parts were sad. Thank you for the wonderful comments and the follow!