Monday, March 26, 2012

The Least OBVIOUS Color...

I took it upon myself to give a commenter to one of my posts, tips on adding color to her wardrobe.

One of the things I shared with her is one my rules for a multi-colored garment such as this...011

Pick the LEAST Obvious Color,

And Accent.


When I first spied this dress, in all of its bold splendor, Peach is the color that caught my eye. [Navy could also be one that stands out, or Orange, or Tan for that Matter!]


That might be because I LOVE Peach! Which is a cousin of Coral.

Today when I was getting dressed, I saw my discarded White Pumps...


Ding, Ding, Ding! We had a winner.

They were PERFECT to illustrate my point.

I love the way the white POPs out against my navy blazer.


And to add a funky twist, I incorporated my fringed bag to the look.

I love the way it's a cross between a satchel, with the long strap


Or a Boho Chic tote...


So versitile...

So Me.

For work I toned down the look with flats and my matching Peanut butter Carry-all.


Also a tote or shoulder bag... I carry it as a tote though.


Navy Blazer: Forever 21

Warm-Hued Dress:Target

White Pumps: Charlotte Russe

Fringe Bag: Rue 21

Tan Lace-Up Sandals: Mia Brand via Piperlime

Peanut Butter Carry-all: Marshall's

Oh Yeah!

My Sperry's Came Today!



They will make a Nice Addition to replace my Leopard Loafers!

I liked the ALL Leopard pair. But I wasn't about to pay $70 bucks!

I found these for much cheaper! Score!

If you're interested, They can be found on!


  1. Those shoes need to be mine! You look so amazing. I love the bag as well. I am drouling over here. You better wurk with those legs chica!
    You look so great!
    Im still dying over that bag!

  2. Thank you ma'am! Its so nice to wake up to great comments from new posters! Welcome.

  3. Love the dress and how u styled it!

    1. Thank you Natasha! Target has some amazing pieces!

  4. Luv the outfit!!! The colors on your dress are a gorgeous mixture!! and those leopard shoes...POPPIN!

    1. I know right! Sperry got on my nerves when they first hit the scene among teens last year. The preppy look was so in and I wondered why everyone was wearing those "ugly" shoes with buttoned-downs and skinny jeans. That was the uniform I saw EVERYwhere! Now I have a pair. Only takes the right VERSION of the shoe one first deemed as SO WRONG to change a person's mind!

  5. Love the colors in that dress!! Is it sleeveless? Great advice on color. I sometimes struggle with color as well. I gravitate towards natural tones for some reason. I'm trying though!!!

    1. Nope, the dress is not sleeveless, its short sleeved. And the back has this criss-cross detail that sits right on the shoulders so it's kind of opened back there...Hence the blazer.
      I should have done a few shots without the blazer, but the jacket is why this look works so well. I would have to style it TOTLLY different without it.

  6. love that dress!!! girl I swear by TARJAY(target)!! lolol.. i will literally go there b4 I go to the mall. as you stated those Sperry's were sum kinda popular!! everyone was wearing them.. BUT now those right thurr(n my Tamar Braxton voice) are HOT!!! those make me want a pair n im sooooo not a Sperry type chic!!! but imma see now if i am tho!! lol

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I was soo embarassed by the typos that I thought I'd try it again.
      Thank you for your comments and Welcome to My Aura!
      As for the Sperrys, get you a pair girl! got 'em on and they have them in other colors as well...Zebra print to tempt you further!

  7. omGGG!!! girl not zebra print!! ilooove i think that I just may have to get me a pair. thanks for the heads up and letting me know where to cop them at. I was in atlanta the beginning of this month and I finally was able to make it to a dsw...I also just register the remainder of my info online to get the latest deals etc with them,, I AM SOOOOO STOKED!!!! LOLOL,,,, Thanks again!!!

  8. Sharing is caring and that's what I'm here for! Annd if you can't find them in-store, try the website. That's where mine came from and where I saw the other prints. Also, I thought it was cool you read my replies. I wasn't sure if people did that or not.

  9. lol!! yes I do.. i so enjoy this blogging thing and I have just gotten me an tripod so i cant wait to post myself. i so enjoy all the post and fashion that you and everyone has shared!! it has been sooo AWESOME!!!!!!