Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take it or Leave It....

I’m sitting in a coffee house once again for the free WiFi.
I’m supposed to be purposely researching some things online.
But me not being on the internet for so long is like being apart from friends you would normally see every day.
And like one does when they reunite with friends, they get carried away in catching up with them, thus I have been reading the blogs of some folks that I have admired and been inspired by from afar.
With that being said,  there are a few events that have shaken up my little word recently.
I have accepted a new job in another city that is a SIGNIFICANT distance from where I live now.
I feel that it is just that time to do bigger and better things and I am going for it.
However, up and moving to another city leaves you with a few things to consider, which is the reason for the online research.
What I find ironic about my situation is I am leaving a small town to live in another small town.
Unlike most people who get SICK to DEATH of living in my current city after a while, I like it.
But, then again, I am a simple person.
Like I told someone the other day, if I can access a Wal-Mart and a mall... I’m cool, lol!
I have produced some talking blogs that I am debating on posting.
On these “talkies,” I speak (in specific detail) about things that are/were on the forefront of my mind.
That can be everything from the polish on my toes to dressing up like Superman.
…And YES I am shamelessly influenced by some of the blogs that I read and listen to via webcam.
So if you see some similarities, don’t FREAK out!
Imitation is the best form of flattery and art is ALWAYS imitating itself.
I am long-winded and I do have a southern drawl, (which I NEVER realized how heavy it was) and some of the facial expressions I make are HILARIOUS.
But I think I am a neat person and I think the videos are shamelessly amateur…But they are me…EXTREMELY MULTIFACETED!
Take it or leave it.
Now let me feed my distraction so I can get down to business.


  1. I live in a small town, too. I have a heavy southern accent, as well. I like the feel of a small southern town, and my Wal-Mart and mall is 25 minutes away, so I'm good. One can never go wrong with internet shopping!

    I took a couple of days to read your entire blog. I didn't comment on all the posts, but I love your outfits and your honesty. I've become a follower and a stalker! Take Care!

  2. Thank you! The ebbs and flows of my life is exactly what I wanted to project!

  3. Aww, Tammie I was just browsing your archives! I love to read the initial post of any new blog I follow. I too am from an extremely small town in the south where every one knows who your grandmother, great-grandmother, uncles, aunts....ahh you get my drift. If your drawl is as thick as mine that would be too