Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Shopaholic...

That would be me…
Sometimes I like to go into a store and just try on clothes and shoes.
Sometimes I buy.
Sometimes I walk out empty handed.
It’s weird because when I do have money to spend, I can’t find anything that I really have to have.
But when I’m broke…I SEEE everything!
It’s on sale!
Today I assured myself if when I get paid,  & if the stuff I saw today is still there, I will go back and add it to my wardrobe.
If not, it wasn’t meant for me to have.
In the dressing room I took some pictures on my phone of the items I want to purchase. And some, I just tried just out of vanity to see if they fit.
On my weight loss journey I do that from time to time to help me measure my success.
So Far So Good, (even though I didn’t try on any pants today. *wink*)
Right now I am trying to get my phone and computer to cooperate so I can download the pics from my phone to my computer.
I kinda miss my Huwei Ascend.
It was a lower-budget Android phone, but I didn’t go through all the changes I am with my LG Optimus and T Mobile’s prepaid plan.
But that was the price I was willing to pay to keep my area code and the same amount of money per month!
Well…after several minutes of research and calls to T Mobile Tech Support, I got my pictures off my phone.
So now let me edit them so I can share them...
I’m done editing and now ready to post my pics but the internet is acting shady!
I’ll work with it though…UGH! *rolls eyes*
I got it...
What I Tried On

Exhibit 1:
I am sooooo into FLORAL PRINTS! and this little froc in an XXL (Juniors) caught my eye. I' also like versitle pieces...Throw on a cardi/jean jacket and it's work friendly...Remove some layers and add sandals, there's a cute weekend outfit.

Floral Dress XXL


Same dress different color,  XL (in Jouniors)...To bad I can't wear these shoes to work...

Floral Dress XL


Exhibit 2:
I LOVED to colors in this spaghetti-strapped dress. I styled it with my gray tank. But I can see MUSTARD with it too with a contrasting cardi or my light jean jacket over it for work. Or I can wear the dress without a shirt under it on the weekend.

Feathered Dress


Exhibit 3:

Even though this dress wasn't my favorite, I could probably make it work because it photographed so well. I thought it showed a little to much of my jiggly parts and it was too short. But I can still pull it off for work with a contrasting cardi, (of course...I'm thinking purple) and flats, (pewter would be a nice contrast). I can also tie the belt a little higher or lower on my waist. The knit fabric, color and ruffling on the sleeves is what made me try it on.

Mustard Dress

Exhibit 4:
This dress RIGHT HERE was my favorite! To me it exuded that GROWN WOMAN SWAG that I'm going for. I can see it with my coral heels pictured HERE, or some lower wedges, or a cardigan and belt for the workplace. I am DEFINATELY going to make it my businees to Snatch up this Dress when I get paid! Look at them curves... 

Blue Hollywood


What I Wore Today:
Having Fun in the fitting room.... 

Floral Shorts Sassy
Having Fun at home... 

IMG_0627 IMG_0621 IMG_0634 IMG_0636 IMG_0637


1.Gray Tank: The Dollar General
2. Floral Shorts/Gold Earrings: Forever21
3. Gold Wedges: Dolce Vita for Target


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