Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Have Arrived! ...

I have been anticipating my journey home for Thanksgiving for a minute.
I miss my family and friends.
Labor Day weekend was a teaser and I didn't get around to seeing everyone.
This week I plan to EAT, rest and see people that are important to me.
I will do some cooking as I am the dessert designee in my momma's house, and I have a bit of work I must complete for school, but other than that...
EAT, rest, and see people. Um hum!
Because I will have a whole week off, I wanted to change my style up for two reasons...


1.  Holidays are a good way to take a break from the hectic life of working and schooling for me. Thus, I can't be bothered with what I look like too much! I still wanna be cute, but without the fuss.
2. I like to try something new when I feel there are no obligations to look and be professional...So if I don't like it, I can change it before real life happens... (Hey, it makes SENSE to me)
So of course the FIRST thing I did was to go see my hairstylist I used for YEARS before I moved.
She is somewhat of an EXPERT at what I wanted done.




I will PROBABLY shock the HECK out the folks at work too!
I just love doing that...
I also met my mom and dad for church and brunch today.


I felt this sophisticated sheath was right on target with my new hair.


Sliver Hoops <3 & Watch: New York and Company
Black Pleated Sheath Dress: Calvin Klein via Marshall's
Blush Suedette Platforms: Forever 21
Snake Print Bag: Guess via Ross
Ya'll enjoy your Thanksgiving...Eat Turkey!


  1. gorgeous!!

  2. Love the new hair!! And you're right, the sheath dress works well with it. You are working it in that last pic!! Go'head!!

  3. Thank you both. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. hey honeypie! the cut of the bob is very gorgeous and looks very real! super cute honey! pretty sheath dress too! Absolutely lovely!

  5. I love your hair cut! It's super grown & sexy :)

    Those nude pumps are amazing and you are so identical to your mom, beautiful.

    I love your style and this post.

    Hope your holiday was grand girl

    your new follower

  6. Thank you both. Hope you had a happy Thanksgivng.

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    I couldn't find your email on your site so you can feel free to email me at to claim your prize!