Monday, November 28, 2011

Re Wind...

My mom gave me this lovely animal print froc that resembles this one.


Remember this?
On the drive back home from my parent's house, I thought of the many ways I could style the dress.
It was cold, even as I traveled further South and that could only mean one thing...
Boot Weather.
I pictured all the boots I have in my closet collection and really couldn't picture any that were work-appropriate and that would go with the dress.
I decided I wanted to play with a contrast between one of the focal colors in the dress, (dark brown), and add a pop of color.
I almost stopped at Payless for some boots and Old Navy for a scarf in a bold hue.
I'm glad I practiced restraint, (this time).
Hours after I got home and played with the dress as well as some other pieces for layering, did I discover the dress was not the most flattering for my shape.
I belted it.
Blazered it.
Tried putting on the proper undergarments.
Turned it backwards.
The dress stubbornly denied my adjustments.
It doing so bought me back to this gem.


Now it,
Did and still Does me justice.


I was still going to go with the pop of color, (red to be exact), when I thought of this navy blazer. Glad I did!


I was also going to carry my peanut butter brown tote. But I decided at the last minute to pull out this new gem in my purse family.


This is,
In fact,
My very own,
Dooney and Burke All Weather Leather Saddle Bag...
A custom-sized strap for my short frame.
It is perfect!
Gold Hoops and Watch: New York and Comany
Navy Blue Blazer: Forever21
Brown Leather Belt: Melrose
Cream & Brown Giraffe Print Dress: Ross
Brown Knee Boots: Charlotte Russe
Navy Saddle Bag with Tan Trim: Dooney and Burke All Weather Leather



  1. I love playing around with different looks for one item. The navy works perfect with the brown. Too cute!

  2. Love how you revamped the look! Soo cute!


  3. Thank you both! And thanks for reading and commenting. Its spoon validating!