Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Cookin 12.11.11...Cabbage Jambalaya

I needed something healthful for this week, as I am starting back making a conscious effort to be committed to Weight Watchers.
I admit, I've had some mishaps and misgivings...{about a month's worth to be exact}
But I know I need to get back on the ball.
When I thought of this recipe, I thought of my aunt Lois.
Before I even felt the need for Weight Watchers, she came to my momma's house while visiting us one time and made the dish for us.
I was also introduced to corn pancakes, which my grandmother contributed to the meal.
My grandmother and her sisters are best friends and frequently travel together.
My aunt Lois used to care for my great grandmother, which is why I think she cooked so healthfully.
My great grandmother lived well into her 90's...
On to the recipe...
You will need:
1 large head of green cabbage chopped
1 large onion chopped finely
1 large bell pepper chopped finely
Seasoned Salt (to taste)
Garlic Salt (to taste)
Ms. Dash (to taste)
Cajun Season (optional)
1 small package of frozen ridge-cut carrots
1 pound smoked turkey sausage cut
Brown Rice
Spray a large pot non-stick spray and place over medium heat


Add Chopped Cabbage, Bell Pepper and Onion


Allow vegetables to steam.


Sauté chopped smoked sausage in a small saucepan.
Set aside.


When cabbage has cooked down and is soft, season with ingredients listed above.
Add frozen carrots, reduce heat to low and allow to vegetables to steam in a tightly sealed pot.


Once carrots are thoroughly steamed and no longer cold, add chopped sausage.
Allow Jambalaya to steam on low for 5 minutes, then turn heat completely off.


Serve Jambalaya over steamed brown rice...


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