Monday, December 12, 2011

So Nice I did it TWICE ...!

I am falling in LOVE with  straight dresses with belts.
I think I wear clothing quite well that adheres to my natural curves.
It's like I make the garment what I want it to be instead of the other way around.
Remember this dress?


Well there were other prints and colors that were made when it came out that I totally disregarded.
But, when I saw it's twin while doing some browsing on Saturday, I was kind of intrigued.
The first one fit so nicely that I thought; why not add another dress cut in the same pattern but in a different print?


I walked away from the dress only to go back and purchase it when I bought these boots.


Am I the only one who has outfits flashing and racing through their psyche when they purchase an item?


I did advise someone NOT to duplicate items in their wardrobe. But I might have to restate that by saying; "If something works for you, go with moderation, that is..."


Either way, I think the outfit came out fabulous.
I swear, dresses are the PERFECT way to start out the work week... [for me anyways]


Silver Hoops and Watch: New York & Company
Retro-Printed Dress: Target
Coniac Braided  Belt: Wet Seal
Coniac Boots: The Avenue
Peanut butter Carry-All: The Avenue
Pewter Moto Jacket: Forever 21+



  1. It's crazy how the pictures of the dresses just laying flat do them no justice. It's when you put them on and the pics are taken that you can see the true cuteness and nice colors. Those conjac boots are the bizness! Love both the looks.

    And no ma'am, you're not the only one. I think about outfits all the time now. I shop completely different than I used to. I'm always trying to think about what pieces are in my closet that can be paired with what I'm buying, and in what different ways. lol!

  2. Yes ma'am you are wearing these dresses! The style fits you well.

    No you are not the only one. I have to mentally scan my wardrobe before I go shopping and do it the whole time in the stores...especially when I am thrifting.


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  4. Glad to know I am not alone. That's what its about, mixing and matching! Tavia thank you for stopping by!