Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Orange Leopard...

Since 12/1 it seems I've been working non-stop to meet my quota for the month before my vacation starts next Friday.
Tonight marks the second in a row that I've worked overtime to squeeze as much time out of meetings with my clients as possible.
And guess what ... I have to get up in the AM and do it all over again.
That said, I was DETERMINED to do something I ENJOY.
That is, take some [more] real pictures for my Blog for a change.
I've been working so much that I've neglected my passion...Well one of them,
...My personal style Blog.
I rushed to get dressed and scanned the side of the road on the way to work, [as I OFTEN do] to find a place to set up shop.
Alas, I found this  [parking] lot off a main road and went for it.




The yellow fire hydrant spoke to me and it HAD to be photographed along with my outfit.


The perfect prop to use with my bright brogues and colorful stranded necklace.
I thought the neck-candy was going to be too much. But when I put it on, MAGIC happened.


Sometimes I come up with the BEST looks spur of the moment!


Gold Hoops and Watch: New York and Company

Leopard Blouse: Forever 21
Dark Denim Skinny Jeans: Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans
Bright Orange Brogues: Deena & Ozzy via Urban Outfitters
Let me just say that I am PROUD that Forever 21 had the gumption to make a button-down that fit my rather voluminous chest-area...
They ROCK for this shirt!  



  1. I know! Cant wait to style it other ways!

  2. That top with the necklace is everything! What an unexpected pairing. You look cute!

    OAN: Did you hit'em with the buttons open on the top?!?! Go'head gurl!! =D

  3. I really love the color concept!!

  4. Tika I Sure Did add some belly action for the pics...not at work though!
    And thank you style ...means a lot that you do...