Thursday, December 15, 2011

Legs for Days...


I'm not a tall person.
5'3 to be exact.
But I think I have a personality that makes people forget how petite my stature is.
I can't even recollect wanting to be taller either.
I have dated enough men whom think I am sexy as a short person.
But I felt secure in my height even BEFORE men paid me any attention.


But alas when I was getting dressed, I thought about the above phrase as the title for my post.
"Why?" One may ask.
Cause in these britches, that's how I feel...Like I've got legs for days...
Not horizontally, but more so vertically.


I got these fantastic britches from a store where I usually don't try straight-sized pants.
Their plus-sized bottoms cater more so to my curves.
And I am fine with that.
But when they came out with these knit wide-legs, I tried them.
And Eureka! They worked!


And in my book, a gray tee is just the PERFECT Neutral!
I do want to try a Kelly-green top with this look too...Hpmh, think I won't...
No my Moscows are NOT what I wore to work all day! Are you kidding?!
But in Tammieland they make PERFECT shoes to do an outfit post in! So I took them for a test drive.


Can you guess what shoes I DID wear though?
And yes I am aware that I am wearing Orange for the second consecutive day...
It is what it is...

Oh Yeah...Look at what Santa brought me 'cause I'm a Good Girl!


I swear when I opened the package and saw this, I GASPED!
Bright, Cheerful, & Bold!
Right up my alley!
I'm gifting someone special one in black!


Bascically I am Wearing Forever 21 From the Ankles Up...EXCEPT;
Madi Gras Bead Necklace: Given to me by my momma
Dual Colored Silver & Gold Bracelet: Etienne Aigner
Shoes: Steve Madden Moscow Pumps in Coral


  1. LOVEEEEEEEEE the pants!!

  2. Those pants are TDF. I love this outfit! I actually think it one of your best ones!!


  3. girl you look fierce in those wide legs!!!


  4. Thank you ladies for the feedback and thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Those pants are fierce girllly! I love them!!