Friday, December 23, 2011

Twisted Bumble Bee...


I actually put this outfit together this weekend.
...After a recent trip to Old Navy.
I was all set to wear it on Monday when, the temperature didn't permit.
I, of course was disappointed.
My faith in the weather was restored when I checked the weather prior to today and saw there was suspected to be a drop in temperature.


Sure enough, it was nice and crisp outside today when I took outfit pics before work! ...PERFECT for my new acquisition...


I'm not going to lie,
I feel so in the loop knowing that other personal style Bloggers have sported this vest in their own way...
And now I have one! [Art imitates life and we imitate each other ...]


I remember when I was a freshman in college how Old Navy came out with the TECH VEST.


My mom bought me the K-Mart version in every color known to man...
I remember thinking they were HIDIOUS back then, but I wished I'd kept them now...
Old Navy hit the trend right on the head with their updated version.
I love mine!


They had them in red and purple, [which I might have made work in a medium] , but I suck to my size large in this yellowish/chartreuse color...


Take away the white, and I would be a bumble bee...*Giggles*




Here is a random pic of dinner prepared by my work friend...


She made this in under an hour and it was delightful!
I am wearing Old Navy from the ankles up except for my;
Rose Gold Watch: New York & Company
Rose Gold Earrings: Cato's Fashions
Boots: The Avenue
BTW: Grades were posted today. I have a 3.5 for the semester ... NICE!

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  1. You look so cute and casual! I'm not a vest person, but I love it on you! And lets not get it twisted, those boots are bad a$$! lol!

    Great job on the grades!!