Friday, December 23, 2011

The Pants Experiment ...

Wearing Britches for a Whole [work] Week


INadvertently of course, I've noticed that I have stuck to the same color pallet this week.
Half-way through getting dressed one day, I thought about doing a mini-series on pants.
It is my pattern of behavior to start out the work week in dresses.
I consciously broke this pattern of behavior because this week marks an ending for me...
It is in fact my last week BEFORE taking a WELL-DESERVED vacation for the Christmas/New Year Holiday...
I wanted to be chic, [in other words cute], and comfortable at the same time.
I find in life when it is time to relax, I do just that. I make life as easy as possible for myself so I can ease into my period of rest instead of plummet there!
Then when it's time to work, I can do so with a diligent spirit.
So let's recap in pictures, Shall We?
Day One: I KISSed, [Kept It So Simple] by pairing a fuchsia floral top with simple denim trouser jeans and  comfy combats...Simple, Clean, & Comfy!
Day Two: Still using the fuchsia/magenta pallet as the focal point, I took a pair of BOLD skinny jeans which played tug of war with a bold striped top. What made this outfit work in my eyes is the contrast between the colors on the bottoms and the top as well as tying it together with minimal solid-colored accessories...The peanut butter carry-all was a good choice too as it was a neutral-colored accessory...
Day Three: One of my favorites! Keeping in the theme of brights with basic neutrals, I basically placed a chartreuse vest on top of a black and white canvas and made magic happen... I again played with neutral accessories, using rose gold as a simple accent with my earrings and watch... [Got some compliments from co-workers admiring how I coordinated this outfit  ... How flattering!]


Day Four: Wouldn't you know it? I reverted back to day two almost! This time the focal piece was my gorgeous fuchsia Car Coat. To give it pizzazz, I paired it with a black and white zig-zag detail wool scarf and placed it on top of a canvas of denim and basic black. Since black and white makes gray, I thought it would be cool to use this mixture to my advantage by wearing my gray motorcycle boots.




Silver Hoops and Watch: New York and Company
Black Turtle Neck: Old Navy
Fuchsia Car Coat: Old Navy
Black and White Wool Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Levi's Curvy Flare via Jr's Section at JC Penny
Gray Moto Boots: Wet Seal



  1. Chic and comfortable is the way to go!

    I'm struggling between day 3 and 4 being my favorites. I really like the addition of the scarf in day 4.

  2. that fuchsia blazer and line vest are HOT! you look great as usual, honey!