Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food Family & Fun Over FASHION!

Ya'll... I am home for Christmas and I SWEAR I am having a BLAST!


You know how Nikki Minaj says, "I came to win?"
Well sing that tune to the words, "I came to eat..." Lol! Preferably CAKE!

[That messy-looking concoction you see before you is my cousin's home made lasagna...I am giving it a shout-out 'cause it wasSO GOOD!]
I SWEAR my cousin is a PARTY in A BOX!


We met up more times than not to celebrate the momentous occasion known as her birthday.


A month in advance, she had events planned from the Friday I got here up until yesterday.

[My cousin LOVES entertaining, hince the hours de overs she set out for us!]
It went down!


Rewind to Christmas, and my mom felt it befitting to do a non-traditional meal this year.  
One can only feast on Turkey and Trimmings for the holidays for so long.
My mom made two main courses; Seafood Gumbo and Baked Chicken.
The sides were; steamed brown rice, green beans, corn, and potato salad...
Gotta love my mom for the love she shows us in the kitchen.


We bought most of our desserts, but my contribution was a black forest cake.


My Coworker's recipe was so good that I decided to duplicate it for my fam-bam.
It was a hit...


I am seeing family that I haven't seen in months and Sundays and I am enjoying myself.



Moving away has really made me appreciate time with my relatives and I am elated to have as much time with them as possible.
Things to Focus on for the Coming New Year
Continue to Exercise: My mom has been my work-out buddy this week...Even though we bicker, she has been a TROOPER doing the intense cardio of Turbo Fire with me!
Continue on Weight Watchers: Although I have gained 5 pounds back, my family that haven't seen me in a while commented how good I am looking...That's an awesome feeling
Plan for the Future Financially: I have gotten WAYYYYYY off track with my promise to myself to limit my shopping experiences...I need to get back on track...
Do my List: I made a silent promise to myself to do the activities I planned on my list more than I few Blogs Back...Once the holidays are over, that is
Not Take My Job for Granted: Remain Humble in my new position and Professional
Be True To Myself: Living an Authentic life takes Courage, for me that means not being afraid to succeed!





  1. Looks like you are having a blast. Love Love those booties.


  2. Gotta love family!! I'm glad you're having a good time. There is no need to put food before fashion because you and your cousin are both looking too cute!

    Love your list of things to focus on. I need to take note and follow suit! =D

  3. girllllllll the booties!!! OMG

  4. Thank you all for reading and showing this post some love! I am having a BLAST and the saga continues! I still have New Years coming up! Utohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!