Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bright Idea...


"Myself Portraits are One Thing I Do for Myself..."
Once again I was caught by the light of day initially not knowing what I was going to wear...
In South Texas, we are still having that flip floppy weather where it starts out cooler, is hot somewhere in the middle, and ends up cooler again...
C'mon weather! Who does that?!
Anywho, I wanted to wear something Winter/Springish so I thought an outfit featuring this BRIGHT sweater would be PERFECT!


I kept my color pallet simple letting this Neon Green & Black Striped Sweater steal the show.


Wearing it without an undershirt would have been ideal for the warmer parts of the day, but since it's open-weaved, my clients would have seen subtle glimpses of my flesh...
Not work appropriate I'm afraid...
But I thought it was a cool effect that you could see my black studded belt peeking out from under my top... Cool!


When I was editing these pics I thought this is the curviest I've looked in a pants outfit so far...


I like that...
Oh Yeah and the Hat? ... Worn just for the benefit of the shoot...


Silver Hoops & Watch: New York & Company
Neon Green and Black Open-Weave Sweater: The Gap
Dark Denim Skinnies: Old Navy "Sweetheart" Jeans
Pointed Toe Studded Flats: Payless
Wool Newsboy Cap: Gifted...



  1. That first pic is ALL THAT!! Love the hat and the pose!! Very MJ of you!! Those jeans work really well with your frame.

    Old Navy is doing really good with their jeans. I have a few pair that I think fit me nicely too. And as a curvy chick, that can be hard to find at times.

  2. Thank you Ticka! I appreciate your loyalty to my BLOG!

  3. I LOVE that HAT!!!! I want it... :))