Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"You look so Nautical..."

I was looking to try some photos of my outfit tonight after I got off work...
Despite how that's not my preference.
And despite how I was going to try taking them in my humble abode.
But my camera had its own thoughts.
It's now on the Charger.
So I resorted to words...And good ole Polyvore to display  a version of what I wore today.


No matter how I tried, I could not create a look with my Ivory & White Boatneck Top I got from Old Navy a while back.

I would try it on with something I created in my head.
But when it got on my body, I realized maybe that wasn't a good choice and I ended up opting for wearing something else that day.
Well today, I got up the gumption to create a strikingly similar dupe of the one above, with less-expensive gear... was a last-minute look...
Yay Me!
I was told the phrase I quoted above about my look today added with "...and professional" behind it...
I don't dress professional EVERY day? ...I'm thinking the complimentor could have left out that last part.
I digress...
I had another Yay moment when I spied a box from Target, (Tarjay), on my patio.
I opened it only to find the two pairs of loafers I bought online.

(Again I have to resort to online pics as my camera battery died)
They are amazing and begging to be color blocked!
I bought two sizes, 91/2 & 10 because I didn't know how true to size they ran.
For wide & flat feet like mine, the 10s will do just fine....I might return the smaller size and get a 10 in another color...
My Version of the Ployvore Set Posted Above...
Ivory and White Boatneck Top: Old Navy
Black Skinny Jeans: Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans
Coniac-Colored Flat Boots: The Avenue
NEW Peanut butter Carry-All: Marshall's
El Fin...


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