Monday, January 16, 2012

The Day in the life of a Shopaholic....1.16.12...

"I know I said I'd quit, but limiting my shopping experiences might be a more Realistic and Attainable goal for me..."
Here recently I decided to bite the bullet.
Whatever I saw online and my heart desired, I ordered it [within reason, of course].
My birthday is coming in May and I am planning something big [for me anyways] this year.
With that being said, I am looking for potential outfits for my big day.
I can also use some new pieces to wear to work and otherwise.
I also bought some things in-store as well.
Unfortunately, some of the things I recently purchased did not work out for me.
So they had to go back.
Thus I spent today doing so and browsing for some other things that tickled my fancy.
Here's what I wore today.



I kept it super Casual and Comfy with this K.I.S.S. [Keeping It So Simple] Look with a color pallet of navy, white and gold.



I swear these are my FAVORITE "throw on and be done with it" jeans...



They are by Forever 21+ and I believe I've had them since Forever 21+ was Faith 21...
They are their fab skinny jeans that live up to their name, fitting me just fab!
At $13 and some change I've meant to go to my store and get some more... [I always get distracted and find something else I have to have when I'm in Forever 21...]
I picked this fabulous color up at Wal-Greens that I'd been looking for since New Year's.


I normally take some polish to the nail shop from my own collection, but on NYE I decided to use a charming color I saw in the nail shop. The only regret I had about this was not writing the brand name and color down.
I have been on the hunt since then and this is what I came up with.
BTW Walgreens was having an AWESOME sale on nail color! I had to stay focused an only buy what I went in there for...[Btw, the prices are only on SELECT COLORS]

[Hard as Nails Xtreme Color $0.75!]

[Rimmel London $1.09!]

[Sally Hansen Salon Effects Buy One Get One 50% off!!]

Since I was out and about all afternoon, I knew I would not have wanted to paint my own nails and toes. Thus,  I decided to get a polish change.


[The owner of the nails shop also alters my clothes so I took her some of my garments to be altered.]
I was expecting to just snap a few pictures, but my Nail Technician, Mike and I ended up doing a full-on photo shoot of the whole process.




I tell ya, Blogging really opens you up to meet some interesting people....


Here is some of my loot from online shopping as well as in-store!
[Bought these today on clearence for lil over $9...they are being hemmed]

[Saw this...Had to HAVE it...Ordered it] 

[ Local Beauty Supply Find!]

[Ordered on OldNavy.Com and Price Adjusted to $20 In-Store]

[Found in Marshall's Today for a little Over $40]
[Ordered on Target.Com...I thought it was knit bit it's WOVEN!]

Here are some things on my To Do List...

[Bought it in Magenta, but I wouldn't mind the Cobalt either!]


  1. Girl, you shopped till you dropped didn't you?! lol! I know you're going to debut some of your things in outfit posts, so I can't wait to see how you wear the pieces that you bought.

  2. Yeah. But a lot of it was from the comfort of my computer screen ...Thanks for reading!