Monday, January 9, 2012

Emerald Queen...


"Fashion is about wearing something you can be PROUD of..."
I'm a little confused about the weather these days.
The best way to describe it is Winter masquerading as Spring.
I'm a little annoyed, as I don't know how to prepare for days that start out fairly warm
Then there's rain somewhere in the midst of the morning...
Then the temperatures take a spike down to 50 degrees and cooler during the afternoon and into the evening.
It's like Winter's jumped out from its hiding place behind Spring and said, "Gotcha!"
Not Fair!
When I painted my nails this teal color last night, I thought it looked the color of emerald in somelights as well.


I thought it would be cool to throw on some green this week, (preferably my faux emerald-stoned ring & earrings from Forever 21 ...perhaps I will).
But this morning as I was thinking about what to wear, I spotted this dress.
Even though it's about 1/2 size too big, I love how I can belt it,


Throw on a pair of boots,


Tie a scarf around my neck (which was BEGGING to be put against this green so I HAD to make it work)


And make being and feeling fabulous so easy peasy!
That's why I love dresses...No muss, no fuss, and still lookin' fabulous!


BTW...I'm a May baby and Emerald is my Birth Stone!

Silver Earrings and Watch: New York and Company
Silver Bangle: Wal-Mart
Gray Cheetah Print Scarf: MNG by Mango via JC Penny
Green Shirt-Dress: Old Navy
Silver Belt: Merona via Target (finally found one! now looking for gold!)
Not Quite Taupe Boots: Ross
Blue Umbrella: The Family Dollar



  1. Cute!! You're right about that scarf going perfectly with that color of green! And I live that last pose!

  2. OOPs I meant TiCka...charge it to my head and not my heart!

  3. Love the color on you and with the scarf! Cute pics and nail polish... I'm now following you; I welcome you to follow me as well. *Thanks*

  4. Love the color of your nail polish

  5. Thank you both!
    Your reading & comments is MOST Appreciated!