Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shopping is my JOY!

I was told by someone, this should be the title of my BLOG...
That is a good idea, but I can't part with MY AURA just yet...
(An since my work is copyrighted, I can use this if I see fit to change it without worry that the name will be blind sighted out from under me!).
Over my Christmas Break, my momma darn-near drug me shopping with her.
I was trying to be responsible, but read the tittle...
Old Navy is just "On One..." and I've been enjoying my experiences there.
My haul was not that MASSIVE, but I did aquire some new goods that have been on my radar for some time now.


The top that I am wearing in this picture, got it on clearance for a little over $5.
I picked it up and told my momma, "Oh yeah, this top is SO MINE!" I don't think she could relate to what my excitement was all about.


I finally got these jeans that I'm trying on here. They were mixed in with some that were regularly priced. They were a little over $7 bucks.
I have to get them hemmed, but I can't wait to wear them! (One time at my local Old Navy, the manager over heard me being bummed about having to have something tailored and gave me $5 off my total purchase for my TROUBLE! My lucky day! )


I bought this vest a little over $17, why not? And I look so good when I layer. On the website, even on sale it's more than $20...
I saved a lot, especially  using a $10 credit I had on a gift card.
Not to mention I got a $10 off coupon when I spend $20... (I can do that easy)
Here are some things on my "To Do List..."

yellow dress

striped dress

magenta skirt


sriped shirt

stripped skirt

green shoes


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